Knee Arthroscopy Surgery Recovery and Postoperative FAQs

Knee Arthroscopy Surgery Recovery and Postoperative FAQs

Will my knee be 100% back to normal after arthroscopy?

Timeframes vary greatly between patients and it is difficult to give a generalised answer. The aim of arthroscopy may be to improve knee pain, stiffness or function in which case you will hopefully see an improvement immediately after the procedure. There are rare cases in which the procedure does not help, or a complication occurs which may affect knee health.

Your surgeon will discuss your goals with you to ensure you have similar expectations. They will also clearly outline the recovery process and how long it may take to see results so you know what to expect.

How long until I am back to normal activities after knee arthroscopy?

While it depends on your overall health and the kind of type of arthroscopy you have had, most people find they are able to return to work and light physical activities like walking, cycling, or swimming in one to two weeks. You will require weekly physiotherapy for as long as several months and further recovery before returning to higher-impact sports like running or heavy lifting.

Your surgeon and physiotherapist will give you a personalised timetable of how and when to return to your usual activities.

Published: Monday 3 January 2022

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