Alister Hart

Professor Alister Hart, with over a decade of expertise, holds the UCL Chair of Orthopaedics and is a consultant orthopaedic hip surgeon at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust. Specialising in hip disorders, he leads research in Implant Science and Surgical Imaging Technology, renowned for his work on implant retrieval and patient safety.


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Alister Hart

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Professor Alister Hart, with over a decade of experience, is the UCL Chair of Orthopaedics and a consultant orthopaedic hip surgeon. He leads a research team at the UCL Stanmore Campus & RNOH NHS Trust, focusing on Implant Science and Surgical Imaging Technology. Prof. Hart's extensive research in these areas has been recognized by various media outlets, earning him the nickname "Hospital Hip Detective." He trained at Caius College, Cambridge, and holds prestigious positions, including the Action Medical Research Chair of Orthopaedics at UCL. He has received numerous awards, including from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and The Royal Society, for his contributions to orthopaedic surgery. Prof. Hart's specializations include trauma & orthopaedic surgery, with a particular focus on hip disorders, hip replacement surgery, and complex hip problems. He offers video and telephone consultations in addition to in-person care. His research interests revolve around improving the longevity and functionality of hip replacements. Beyond his medical contributions, he engages in medicolegal work benefitting various stakeholders. As a member of prestigious medical associations and committees, such as The EFORT, Prof. Hart is dedicated to the advancement of orthopaedic surgery through innovative techniques and technologies. In addition to his medical achievements, Professor Alister Hart enjoys keeping fit through outdoor exercise. His dedication to research not only focuses on the necessity and improvement of hip replacements but also explores ways to avoid the procedure when possible. Patients seeking expert care in hip-related issues can benefit from Prof. Hart's wealth of knowledge and experience in orthopaedic surgery.

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