Michael Thilagarajah

Michael Thilagarajah, a renowned lower limb Consultant with seventeen years of experience, specialises in complex surgeries for hip, knee, foot and ankle, and trauma at Darent Valley Hospital. He is the College Tutor for Orthopaedics, providing quality care and training for future surgeons.


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  • Hip
  • Foot & Ankle

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  • Chatham
  • Dartford
  • London

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Michael Thilagarajah

Surgeon Bio

Mr Michael Thilagarajah, a Consultant in lower limb surgery, has a wealth of seventeen years of expertise in complex hip, knee, foot, and ankle surgeries, along with trauma cases. As the College Tutor for Orthopaedics at his NHS Hospital, he is actively involved in the training of future surgeons, ensuring top-notch care for his patients. Mr Thilagarajah's wide-ranging experience and commitment to professional development guarantee quality assurance in his practice, reflecting his passion for delivering the best surgical care. Specialising in trauma and orthopaedic surgery, Mr Thilagarajah's areas of expertise include foot and ankle surgeries, particularly addressing conditions like bunions, hammer toe, and arthritis. He is a member of prestigious medical societies such as the Royal College of Surgeons of GB&I and the British Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society. Mr Thilagarajah also provides training sessions and webinars for General Practitioners and trainees, covering various aspects of hip, knee, foot, and ankle procedures, showcasing his dedication to educating and improving surgical practices in the field. Apart from his professional achievements, Mr Thilagarajah has a keen interest in foot surgery, toe deformities, arthritis treatments, and ankle surgeries such as arthroscopy and fusions. His expertise extends to knee surgeries like arthroscopy, meniscus surgery, and replacements, as well as hip replacement surgeries and trauma cases. With a commitment to ongoing learning and development, Mr Thilagarajah ensures that his patients receive comprehensive and advanced care under his expertise.

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Michael Thilagarajah