Robin Kincaid

Robin Kincaid consultant, with extensive experience in knee and hip surgery, practices at Ramsay Duchy Hospital in Truro. His specializations include hip and knee surgeries, lower limb trauma, and sports injuries, with a focus on minimal access surgery.


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  • Hip
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  • Truro

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Robin Kincaid

Surgeon Bio

Mr Robin Kincaid is an experienced knee and hip surgeon specialising in all aspects of elective and trauma knee practice. With years of expertise, Mr Kincaid focuses on trauma & orthopaedic surgery, with sub-specialties in hip and knee procedures. His areas of interest include knee and hip replacement, lower limb trauma, sports injuries, and minimal access/invasive surgery. He is based at the Ramsay Duchy Hospital (Truro). Mr Robin Kincaid has a wealth of experience in the field of trauma & orthopaedic surgery, particularly in hip and knee procedures. Specialising in knee and hip replacement, lower limb trauma, sports injuries, and minimal access/invasive surgery, he is dedicated to providing high-quality care to his patients. His contributions to the field have earned him recognition and appreciation for his expertise. Beyond his professional commitments, Mr Robin Kincaid has a passion for enhancing the well-being of individuals through his orthopaedic expertise. His focus on knee and hip surgeries and dedication to trauma care showcases his commitment to improving patients' quality of life.

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Robin Kincaid