Simon Moyes

Mr Simon Moyes is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon with expertise in arthroscopic knee, shoulder, foot, and ankle surgery. With years of experience at the RNOH and UCL, Simon specialises in knee pain, sports injuries, and new arthroscopic techniques, including advancements in stem cell usage.


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Simon Moyes

Surgeon Bio

Mr Simon Moyes is an experienced Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in arthroscopic and reconstructive surgery for knee, shoulder, foot, and ankle issues. With expertise spanning years, Simon completed training at The Westminster Hospital and The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospitals, serving as a lecturer at RNOH before his appointment at UCL. Dedicated to innovation, he performs around 500 arthroscopic and minimally invasive procedures annually, focusing on advancements like arthroscopic shoulder stabilisations, rotator cuff repairs, ankle arthritis treatments, knee ligament reconstructions, and cartilage repairs. Simon is also actively involved in research and development of new arthroscopic techniques, particularly in stem cell applications. Having received accolades from the Arthroscopy Association of North America in 2012, Simon Moyes holds memberships with various prestigious medical associations, including BOA, BESS, AANA, and the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh. His practice areas encompass knee pain management, sports-related knee injuries, meniscal and cartilage repairs, shoulder fractures, impingement issues, shoulder stabilisation, foot and ankle problems like bunions and Morton's neuroma, and a range of elbow conditions. Simon's dedication to advancing surgical techniques is evident in his interest in arthroscopic surgery, hydrostatic distension, and the use of stem cells like BMAC for treatments. Beyond his professional commitments, Mr Simon Moyes maintains a healthy work-life balance with interests in keeping fit, tennis, sailing, and skiing. Committed to providing cutting-edge care in orthopaedic surgery, Simon's commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in his field establishes him as a trusted and skilled practitioner among his peers and patients alike.

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