Sujith Konan

Mr Sujith Konan, an Honorary Associate Professor and Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon, brings over a decade of expertise in hip and knee surgery, with a focus on sports injuries, arthroplasty, and orthopaedic innovations. He holds prestigious fellowships, several awards, and is actively involved in translational research and clinical practice.


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  • London

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Sujith Konan

Surgeon Bio

Mr Sujith Konan is a highly experienced Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon and Honorary Associate Professor specialising in hip and knee surgery. With over 15 years of expertise, he focuses on hip and knee reconstruction, sports injuries, and translational research in orthopaedic surgery. He completed his training in the UK, obtaining qualifications such as MRCS(Eng) in 2006 and MD(res) from University College London. Additionally, he holds a FRCS(Tr&Orth) from the Royal College of Surgeons, further augmented by prestigious fellowships in North America and Europe. Mr Konan has received various accolades, including travelling fellowships from respected organisations such as the British Orthopaedic Association and the European Hip Society. Mr Sujith Konan currently holds NHS posts as a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at University College London Hospital and serves as an Honorary Associate Professor at University College London. Specialising in trauma & orthopaedic surgery, his sub-specialties include hip and knee procedures. Beyond his clinical practice, he engages in extensive research on topics like stem cell technologies, innovations in orthopaedic surgery, and surgical outcomes. With a strong publication record and a wide array of interests ranging from arthroplasty to robotic surgery, Mr Konan showcases a commitment to advancing orthopaedic care through cutting-edge techniques and patient-specific treatments. Apart from his professional responsibilities, Mr Sujith Konan is dedicated to sharing his knowledge with the medical community. Regularly providing talks and seminars to General Practitioners and physiotherapists, he plays an active role in educating healthcare professionals. With a keen focus on hip and knee impairments, sports injuries, and advancements in surgical technologies like robotics and 3D printing, Mr Konan remains at the forefront of orthopaedic innovation and patient care.

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Sujith Konan