Tanweer Ashraf

Tanweer Ashraf, a consultant knee surgeon with over 25 years of experience, specialises in knee surgery, including partial knee replacement, total knee replacement, and revision knee replacement. He is a principal investigator in cartilage transplant surgery, a founder of the Regional Patellofemoral Study Group, and a co-convener for the Birmingham Patello Femoral Instructional Course.


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Tanweer Ashraf

Surgeon Bio

Mr Tanweer Ashraf is an experienced Consultant Knee Surgeon with over 25 years of expertise in orthopaedic surgery. After completing his medical training in India, he migrated to the UK and underwent specialist registrar training in orthopaedics in Birmingham, followed by super specialist training in knee surgery at the Avon Orthopaedic Centre, Bristol. Mr Ashraf has a particular interest in knee surgeries, including partial knee replacement, total knee replacement, and revision knee replacement, as well as ligament and cartilage reconstruction surgeries. He was awarded a Certificate of Completion of Specialist training in 2005 and serves as a Consultant Knee Surgeon at The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, Birmingham, and The Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Birmingham. With a focus on knee-related issues, Mr Tanweer Ashraf's specializations include knee arthroscopy, ligament reconstruction, meniscal surgery, cartilage replacement, and knee cap stabilization. He is involved in research projects related to cartilage transplant surgery and is the principal investigator for such studies. Additionally, Mr Ashraf is a founding member of the Regional Patellofemoral Study Group and regularly teaches on surgical skills courses and training programs, emphasizing the problems affecting the knee cap. As a Consultant Knee Surgeon, he is dedicated to providing comprehensive care to patients with knee injuries and conditions, both in the NHS and private hospital settings. Apart from his medical practice, Mr Tanweer Ashraf is actively involved in research areas such as patella stabilization, partial knee replacement, and sports injuries. He is a member of various surgical associations and regularly collaborates with European centers on research projects. His commitment to teaching is evident through his involvement in instructional courses for consultants and knee surgeons, as well as his mentorship of General Practitioners, physiotherapists, nursing staff, and junior doctors. With a strong emphasis on audit and review processes, Mr Ashraf ensures the quality and standards of patient care in orthopaedic surgery are upheld in his practice.

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Tanweer Ashraf