Medbelle Partners: Doctors Clinic Group

Doctors Clinic Group are one of Medbelle's primary care partners. They are private doctors with same-day GP appointments available at over 20 locations nationwide.

Medbelle Partners: Doctors Clinic Group

In their own words

Part of the Spire Healthcare Group, we are The Doctors Clinic Group, an integrated healthcare provider. You’ll also come across our trading names of London Doctors Clinic for our GP business in the London area, and Maitland Medical and Soma Health, our Occupational Health brands. Our parent company, Spire, is the UK’s largest private hospital group by turnover with 39 hospitals in England, Wales, and Scotland.

We believe that your health is the most important thing you have. We also know that life can get in the way, and we struggle through it, and health gets put on hold. We’re here to change that as we believe that everyone deserves the chance to put their health first.

We cater to everyone from consumers to large and small business employees, overseas visitors who need medical care whilst travelling, and patients with health insurance. We’re here to help our patients get fast access to the best care and medical advice they need in a convenient way.

What sets us apart

  • We have over 20 locations across the UK
  • We offer same-day GP appointments, including face-to-face and video
  • We offer appointments on weekends and bank holidays.

Why we partner with Medbelle

By partnering with Medbelle our patients have access to unparalleled support from the world’s first digital hospital. If our doctors have suggested further diagnostics or treatment from specialist clinicians, or physiotherapy, you can be referred to Medbelle, who will assist you with all aspects of that onward care.

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