Medbelle Partners: The Medical

The Medical are one of Medbelle's primary care partners. They aim to provide the right diagnosis, the right treatments, and the right results.

Medbelle Partners: The Medical

In their own words

The Medical provides physical therapy clinical for individuals wanting to better their everyday lives. For people who want to recover better, perform better, or just move better. We do this by putting the client at the centre of everything we do.

  1. Our clients see the most experienced Physiotherapists and Chiropractors to undertake their assessment.
  2. We use cutting-edge technology to ensure we get the right diagnosis.
  3. We create treatment plans that are clear, ambitious, and tailored to our clients.
  4. We do this in environments that offer the right facilities to support our clients in their journey.

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What sets us apart

The right diagnosis

  • More time, leading expertise, latest technology
  • 60-minute assessments by consultant clinicians using the latest diagnostic technology.

Clear and ambitious plans

  • In-depth analysis, visual explanation, written plan
  • A summary of results with a clear diagnosis, explained in simple terms using interactive tools, and a written plan to take away.

Personalised healthcare

  • Integrated team, exceptional facilities, regular reviews
  • A tailored blend from an extensive selection of treatments, exercises and classes, using rehab gyms, biomechanical technology and pilates reformers, with regular reviews for data-driven continuous improvement.

Why we partner with Medbelle

Because the work that we do compliments the work that Medbelle does perfectly. This means clients get the very best of what they need, with no compromise.

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