Abi's Breast Enlargement (Fat Transfer)

Surgery results and benefits vary per individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteed.

Abi's Breast Enlargement (Fat Transfer)
52 years old
Vikram Vijh
Breast Enlargement (Fat Transfer)

What made you consider having cosmetic surgery?

I’ve always had D cup breasts, but over time as I lost weight they went down to a C cup and became sort of flat. It felt like something was missing because I’ve had a bigger chest since I was a teenager. 

Over time, looking at myself I thought “oh, I should do something about that” and finally made a decision to have some sort of surgery to get back to how my breasts looked before the weight loss. 

I didn’t want to feel “flat-chested” any longer. I didn’t want my breasts to be super massive or look terribly unnatural. I just wanted them to look like they did before I lost weight, and to be honest that’s exactly how they look now after my fat transfer.

What was your process for gathering information and starting your research?

I did a bit of research about fat transfer by looking online after my Medbelle consultation. I found a lot of information about the procedure, good and bad. 

The best thing was learning about how the fat is taken from another part of your body where you don’t want it, so it’s kind of like a 2-for-1 deal. I think that’s great for anyone who wants it. It’s ideal.

How did you find Medbelle and what was your first contact with them like?

I thought my first contact with Medbelle was really good. I was impressed after having a consultation with a different company that wasn’t what I expected. 

I’d definitely recommend them because when I went there, even just to talk to a surgeon, everyone was so helpful. When I was booking appointments, they made sure to find appointment dates that suited me because I wanted it done during a certain time of year. 

My PCA Joe was also always asking me questions and helping me decide if I was doing the right thing for me.

What was your initial consultation process like?

A few months before I found Medbelle, I consulted with another surgeon. This surgeon was very black and white about it. The consultation was very “we’ll put a bit of silicone here, we’ll cut you here, pull you up here, and we’ll send you the price.” He made it seem like I had no other options than a breast lift with implants, so I just thought “I’m going to try one more time, and if they say exactly the same as this surgeon, then I know it’s up to me to decide if I want to go through with it.” But I probably wouldn’t have if that was my only option.

My consultation with my Medbelle surgeon was really good. He talked with me and showed me on his laptop pictures of what my results would look like if I had an uplift with implants and what the difference would be compared to different methods. 

I was mostly staying quiet and trying to take it all in, but he was really good at explaining everything. He was also honest with me about how realistic my expectations were. 

He explained about the scars and safety of the procedure, and the complication of implants. He mentioned how I might need to come back to him in 10 years and have the implants replaced or he could do a fat transfer. 

I was so unsure before because I said before that I probably wouldn’t have it done if the surgeon said “we’re going to cut you here, we’re going to cut you there” just to get a bit of cleavage. It’s not worth that in my opinion. So when he explained fat transfer and where the needles would go in, and what I’d look like after I just thought “that’s what I want.” 

He was so helpful and honest about how bad or good the procedure could turn out. He told me he’d take the fat mostly from my legs, and a bit from the sides of my torso, and a little from the waist. He explained why he’d choose these areas over somewhere like my belly where I’d lost quite a bit of weight (he said removing more fat here would just cause me to have loose skin). 

He also showed where bruising would be after the liposuction and fat transfer, and where the incision marks would be and how they would fade. 

He also showed me pictures of other patients which was also really helpful and even recommended to me what to wear after surgery while recovering. 

What was it that made you decide to book your treatment with Medbelle?

I was just super excited after my consultation, to be honest. I’d seen the pictures of other patient’s results and I felt like I had nothing to lose. I was looking forward to having it done. 

How were you feeling in the lead up to your surgery?

One day I’d be excited, and the next I’d be nervous thinking about what I’d look like after, what could go wrong, and so on. And then I’d be happy again. Though I’d look at the website and feel reassured. 

PCA Joe messaged and phoned me quite a few times which was really good because he was always there to sort out any problems or explain things before surgery. 

I could just message him and it wasn’t long before he answered my message. He was always saying “you’re in great hands!” which made me feel a lot better before surgery. 

Even afterwards, he asked how it went and it was just like talking to a friend, really. 

I was expecting to be in agony after surgery. I’d prepared a weeks worth of food and a lot of other things before going to hospital so I didn’t have to do too much after. I also booked time off work from the care home. I do 12-hour shifts regularly and it’s quite demanding work so I thought I’d need quite a bit of time away which was fine.

Describe the day of your surgery from beginning to end.

I was so surprised at how helpful all the staff were. 

I thought my surgery would be a day-case, but I ended up staying overnight, which was really nice because I was really sleepy after. 

I was very cold when I woke up. I have low blood pressure anyway, so I’m sure my staying the night had something to do with that.

Every 2 hours or so hospital staff would come and do a vitals check and look at my blood pressure and pulse. They really kept an eye on everything. They were really good.

I was up and walking around the next morning. I felt achy and tired, but it wasn’t terrible pain. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be and I went home that day.

What was it like for you in the days and weeks following surgery?

I actually felt okay after surgery. I didn’t have any pain in my breasts at all. 

I was bruised over my thighs where they took the majority of fat from, but within a week there were no bruises left.

In the first week, I felt pretty normal. The pain was mainly in my legs. They felt achy and bruised. 

I could still walk around and do the shopping and other normal things like taking the dogs for a walk. I didn’t go to the gym, but other than that I felt normal, really.

My main concern was covering up my legs. I couldn’t wear dresses because with the bruises. It looked like I’d been beaten up. Apart from that, it was really okay.

How do you feel about your results so far?

My confidence has gone way up and I’ve bought lots of new dresses. I just feel good. 

I feel like I have my body how I want it at last. It feels natural. My breasts look so much better and there’s not one mark on them. 

At the moment I’m okay with my breasts, so in a year or so maybe I will check back in and potentially have another round of fat transfer done. But for the moment, I’m fine.

What would you tell a friend or family member considering having the same procedure?

I would absolutely recommend this procedure, 100%.

Surgery results and benefits vary per individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteed.

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