Anette's Lipo Abdominoplasty

Surgery results and benefits vary per individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteed.

Anette's Lipo Abdominoplasty
56 years old
Fulvio Urso-Baiarda
Lipo Abdominoplasty

Finding Medbelle: how was your first call with your patient care adviser?

David was brilliant - he was very helpful, not pushy and explained everything. I really enjoyed his caring touch and listening ears. He was there for me for the whole journey - Thank you.

What were the first steps you took towards having treatment?

The Operation was the final step of a 5-year journey.

I used Medbelle for my breast reduction and was very happy with the service, the help, support and having a place and contact point. However - my actual first step was losing 45 kg of weight (you can see that on the before pic - and I am keeping that pic to remind me of my journey), then I started to do my online research to see what I can do to improve my health, one has to appreciate I hardly could walk/had a special needs ID for my car / could not walk stairs / and my blood pressure was so bad the doctors were concerned - I could not sleep more than 4-hours and my knees were shattered in an accident that was caused as I was not flexible anymore and the knee caps could not support any fall as the hips constantly pulled the muscles into the wrong direction - better appearance was a bonus. I changed my diet and found all of my food allergies (wheat and pork) that were the main cause for my drastic weight gain, then after major surgery - hysterectomy, I got serious about getting back on my feet and not allowing the setback to rule my life - spilled milk - I took control - changed diet, changed attitude towards food and everything that went into my body - starting with a serious detox to get all poison out ( duration 6-weeks - since then I always do one starting in Jan of every year). I changed my job to have a more fulfilled life. I spoke to others about their experience and got a puppy - he helped me get back to walking and be happy. When I was on target weight, as I heard the more you lose the easier the recovery is, I was ready to spend money to also get my appearance back and my core stability. I searched online and found Medbelle, I only read good things about them, but nevertheless contacted a few other companies too. But was impressed with the open and honest approach of Medbelle. They are not pushy and each person I spoke to knew their job, it was not just another sell, but actually helping people like me to get back on their feet and get their life back. Then the next step was my breast reduction (almost 2 kg overall and 20 cm on each side), which improved my appearance and my health already. Then I followed with the last tummy tuck to finalize my journey and start a new and improved life.

I new that once I lose the weight, I will have major skin left, with my breast reduction I was able to shift 8x cup-sizes on my own, but the last 4 were mainly skin and I was not able to lose that without looking like a stick with sagging skin and boobs. And with my tummy, I lost so much weight the skin was in my leg fold and on-top of my legs that cut of my blood circulation, and that caused major issues. Plus, with the big belly (including fat and out of proportion uterus) all of my tummy muscles were to the point of no return, no amount of planking or crunches could get them back into the original place. I needed help and Medbelle understood my journey and pointed me to the right surgeon.

How was your Medbelle Consultation?

My surgeon is very caring, brilliant in what he does and takes pride in his work. He cares for all of his patients but keeps a firm distance to assure he is focused and can see the overall picture and chooses the right approach for the job on-hand. I like his professional attitude and his steady hands - great doc/patient relationship. He really loves his job and you can feel and see it in what he does. His honest approach to what can and can not be achieved was very well received. He understood I don't just do it for appearance, but want to look natural but mainly to improve my health. I love my age and who I am, but I wanted to take control of my health and help my knees and bones and muscles to cope with life. I wanted to get back to snorkeling, dancing, bicycling and just enjoying activities, which I was not able to enjoy, due to the pain in my bones and muscles who could not cope and he understood that and was happy to help to pick up that challenging task.

How did you feel on the day of your treatment?

All of the staff are very professional, from the secretary Rebecca to the nurses - all very helpful, caring and friendly. Loved the anesthetist - she was so good (well, that is the last person I saw before going to sleep) I was not ill or sick after surgery, they all are super smart and professional. The air tube she used was spot on, not too big not too small - I know that as afterward I did not have a sore throat or felt I was hit by a bus and nothing was ripped of my lips or out of my mouth. I felt very looked after, before, during and after all of my consultations. Plus, they really lessoned to the medication allergies I have and I felt in safe and caring hands. Mr. Urso kept me up to date and shared everything he did during surgery. He took off 1.2 kg of skin and 1.3 kg of lipo fat from all over the torso to assure an even natural contour look, I appreciate the stats - as it showed me that losing the mass of weight before the surgery was the right choice. All that hard work was worth it.

A few days prior to treatment I felt a bit down as my journey was coming to an end and I felt sad and upset that I allowed it to come that far. I felt angry with myself to not stop it earlier, but I felt proud of myself that I managed it and that I took up the mistake and changed it around. On the day of surgery, I was just excited and happy it soon be over and then I can start a new life.

One week after treatment

As I was very well looked after, my recovery goes well. Of course I am sore and have black / green / yellow / red and yellow spots from the lipo (1.2 kg) … but the pain is manageable and I continued taking Paracetamol and Ibuprofen. Yes, no major pain at all. Honest, I had period or back pains worse than this - but Mr. Urso also did some local pain numbing to assure I can cope the first few days . Of course I dont over do it, I get plenty of rest and I did take days off from work. I am not doing any major household chores and drink plenty. But I can honestly say, that I have lost 45kg helped so much for my recovery, first I can see the result is going to be great - cannot wait to show pictures once its all healed, but I can see and feel the difference. My core muscles are stabilized, my knee pains that I had now for years due to an accident and arthritis that I was born with, are so minimal I can hardly feel it, walking up the stairs is already so improved that I don't have to constantly lean forward, and my posture is already so improvement it's not the same person. I feel a huge burden is gone from my hips and my hip muscles don't constantly pull up my leg and knee muscles. My sleep is a bit interrupted, but that was expected, but I don't need any support in getting up or walking.

I actually starting now to go downstairs for my breakfast and dinner and making a point of doing some light walking on my treadmill. Its very slow, but I can feel its working much better. The swelling in my legs is gone as nothing is cutting of the blood circulation, just like when I had my breast reduction my overall blood pressure improved trasticially. I feel sore, but great - combing hair a bit of a challenge, and of course I cannot just go and sit up straight, I have to roll over and then get up and out of bed or out of a chair I need a bit of help, but nothing I cannot handle as when my knees were in cast, I could not move at all. Overall - I already see and feel a huge improvement and know it was the right choice.

Now moving on into my 2nd week, I stopped the pain killers but wearing my girdle. Movement is going better by the day. Cut is closed and small bandage covers it to assure the scarring is kept to a min., I am regular and no pain in eating or digesting. Still not doing crunches, but my muscles have to heal and so I was advised to take it easy with bike riding and definitely not carrying anything heavy. However, sitting down, standing up, laying down is working better by the day and I don't feel sore after sleeping as I did prior to surgery - might also be as I am sleeping on a cloud of pillows :) . My bruising is starting to go away and I cannot wait to what I can do in a month.

One month after treatment

I took my measurements, and boy o boy - hold your horses and be surprised. My absolute worse times my tummy measured - 124 cm waist, after weight loss - 91 cm, after surgery - 84 cm (mostly skin) Yes - its a 30 cm reduction! I feel great, and yes, it was so worth it. As mentioned before, the more you can lose prior to operation, the better the results. I have no more pain, and the swelling is going down daily. The tummy is not hard anymore but feels like a tummy again. I have a few bits that need to settle, but it's not as harsh as the breast surgery due to gravity. I am still wearing my corset to ensure I am giving its maximum support and stability, and that feels great. I am also still wearing the bandage on the scar, but that is starting to fade away as well, only a few bits that need a bit more time, but no bulgy bits at all - and the bleeding stopped the day after surgery actually - the bit of crust I did have is all gone. However, I had to start altering my trousers, putting new rubber bands into the leggings and sleepwear, but that is the fun bit, I'm happy mending all of my clothes, but in Jan 2019 clothes store here I come! All of my blouses and cloth fit so much better and my tummy is flat. So totally thrilled and stoked with that.

Surgery results and benefits vary per individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteed.

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