Emma's Tummy Tuck (Full)

Surgery results and benefits vary per individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteed.

Emma's Tummy Tuck (Full)
42 years old
Aftab Siddiqui
Tummy Tuck (Full)

Decision Journey

What made you consider having cosmetic surgery?

Surgery was the only option, really. There was nothing else I could do exercise or diet-wise that would make a difference in my stomach. 

What was your process for gathering information and starting your research?

I started on Google. I searched online for tummy tuck surgery and went from there, really.

I looked at a few different places, but I remember when I rang Medbelle and my Patient Care Adviser, David rang me back and that’s how it all started.

Were there any types of resources that you found particularly useful? (i.e. blog articles, cosmetic surgery forums or Facebook groups, websites, etc)

I didn’t go to any forums or anything. I just Googled different companies and read over their websites and learned that way.

Why did you opt for the procedure you chose?

I knew that a tummy tuck was the only procedure that would do the job for me.  When I met with my surgeon, he explained the different types of tummy tucks like the fleur-de-lys, the mini, and the full. He recommended a full tummy tuck and said that was the best option for me, so that’s why I chose that one.

How did you find your initial contact with Medbelle?

It was really good. Positive and friendly.

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How was your consultation?

It was really good. I went down to Manchester and met Mr Siddiqui. He was very friendly and personable and gave me all the relevant information. I felt comfortable going ahead with him.

What did the surgeon discuss with you during your consultation?

We discussed exactly what the surgery would entail, and gave me information on what to expect and how long the procedure would take, what the likely results would be. He gave me lots of information about possible side effects as well. I mean, he didn’t tell me to expect any miracles. But I didn’t expect miracles anyway and I’m very happy with what he did. 

What was it that made you decide to book your treatment with Medbelle?

Medbelle gave me all the information I needed. Then after speaking with Mr Siddiqui, I didn’t feel the need to look any further. I just thought I’d go ahead.

How were you feeling in the lead up to your surgery?

I was a little bit nervous, but I think anyone would of any sort of surgery. I was excited about it. I just wanted it to go ahead. It happened really quickly. I wanted it done before my maternity leave ended so I could get back to work. I didn’t want to get it done afterwards and book time off.

Can you tell me about the contact you had with your Patient Care Adviser and what kind of relationship you had with them in the lead up to your surgery?

David, my Patient Care Adviser kept in contact with me with phone calls and text messages, and everything. It was quite a lot of contact, on the morning of surgery and the day after. 

Preparation & Surgery

What was the pre-operation appointment like?

It was really nice. The nurse that I went to see was just really friendly. She went through all the questions and everything. She took my height, my weight, took photos, took the swab for the MRSA test, and went over a lot of questions.

What were your expectations for the recovery?

I knew I had 4 weeks before I had to go back to work. I was told it would be 2 to 3 weeks before I was feeling a lot better, so I planned on taking it easy.

Did you feel well prepared before your procedure?

Yes, I knew exactly what to expect before so I got all the Bio-oils and creams and scar gels to put on every night. As soon as I got home from the hospital I ordered my pressure garment, and I had people in place to help me out with the baby.

Please walk me through the day of your surgery from beginning to end.

We got up really early and drove over to the Hospital. I was admitted straight away and taken to my own room. The nurses there were really friendly. They did a pregnancy test.  Then Mr Siddiqui came and talked to me. Then the anaesthetist came and talked to me as well. I got settled in the room. Got the gown on, and then about 10 o’clock, they took me to the theatre.

Then I don’t really remember much until about 3 in the afternoon when I was taken back to my room. The nurses kept coming in to help me if I needed to get up for the loo or anything.  Mr Siddiqui came to check the wounds. They kept giving me lots of drugs and morphine to help with the pain. 

I remember they gave me some toast and I couldn’t swallow it because my mouth was really dry. It’s quite a common thing, apparently because of the general anaesthetic. I couldn’t eat very well, but we tried with some soggy Rice Krispies and managed to swallow that. But I was drinking loads of water so I was well hydrated.

I stayed the night in hospital. It was horrendous stormy weather outside. I’d never heard rain like it, but I still slept. It was nice. All the nurses were really really nice and very friendly. The next morning Mr Siddiqui came to see me again before I left. Then I went home.

Do you have any comments you’d like to share about your surgeon?

I definitely recommend Mr Siddiqui. He’s is really really nice. He’s very thorough. He doesn’t treat his patients like they’re just a number he needs to tick off, he wants to know that you’re okay throughout the process.

Recovery & Results

What was it like for you in the days and weeks following surgery?

The first few days, obviously I was really really sore. It was really hard to get up out of a chair or get out of bed, but I had plenty of pillows. To be honest, I had loads of pillows so sleeping through the night wasn’t too bad.  

It wasn’t too bad. I just had everyone waiting on me. It was quite painful but I felt prepared because I did a lot of Googling and looking on YouTube to see different people that had had it. A lot that came up tended to be Americans who tend to exaggerate everything, so I was expecting it to be a lot worse than it actually was.

It just got better and better. Mr Siddiqui was in touch a lot as well. Particularly in the first couple of weeks, he texted me to ask how the wounds were doing and everything on a regular basis. He’s really really nice. He’s quite blunt in his messages, bless him, but he’s really nice.

How did you and your Patient Care Adviser interact following your surgery?

We mainly chatted over WhatsApp. Regular WhatsApp updates and that kind of thing.

How did you feel about the results after surgery?

I was really pleased. Even though I was really swollen, there was such a massive difference even just the next day.

How do you feel about your results now?

It’s just gotten better and better since then with the swelling going down. It’s been 2 months since the surgery. I’m really pleased. I just can’t wait to start exercising properly. I just heard from Mr Siddiqui that I will be able to do pretty much anything like lifting weights after 3 months. I can wear so much more clothes than I could before. My belly is now in proportion to the rest of my body.  

What would you say to a family member or a friend considering a similar procedure?

I’d just say “do it” definitely. It’s been life-changing for me. It’s something I’ve been so self-conscious about. Especially in summer, I felt so constricted in what I could wear, and now I don’t have to worry at all. I’d definitely say to do it.  

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Surgery results and benefits vary per individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteed.

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