Holly's Breast Enlargement

Surgery results and benefits vary per individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteed.

Holly's Breast Enlargement
27 years old
Naveen Cavale
Breast Enlargement

My Consultation

My first BA consult was with with Mr Ahmed and he made me feel so at ease. I visited a few other surgeons after seeing him as loads of people advised to shop around but I came back to Mr Ahmed (three more times) before signing up to getting my BA done by him.

Mr Ahmed recommended 315cc or 350cc HP teardrop implants that he would insert over the muscle. I stipulated I wanted a natural looking chest and would be over the moon with a C cup post-op, I was very flat chested but had a good amount of breast tissue to work with. The reason I liked my surgeon so much was because he was very realistic about what I could achieve AND what he was comfortable doing on me and was really insistent I couldn’t go any bigger without putting myself at risk. He would order both implant sizes and see what fits best on the day.

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Surgery Day

My surgery was at One Hatfield on 08/11/19, I got the train to the hospital alone and was so relieved when I arrived to meet friendly nurses who showed me to my room. The room was really lovely, super clean and comfortable and had the bonus of Netflix to get me through my overnight stay!

One Hatfield were exceptional throughout my entire stay, I am a needle phobe and I have never been under general anaesthetic but they eased any worries I had. I walked into a little room that had my theatre bed in and was told to hop in and relax whilst the anaesthetist got his stuff sorted, he gave me a pre med which made me feel so chilled out and the next thing I remember is waking up in a recovery section of the hospital to the voices of my nurses saying that they wanted to let me sleep some more. It turns out I was in recovery for 2 hours! Not because anything was wrong but because there was no rush to return me to my room, they just let me snooze with my new boobs.

The second picture was taken later in the evening following my surgery, about 9 hours after when I couldn’t sleep. You can see how high the implants are sitting and also how swollen my body is on my rib cage at the side of my boobs. All completely normal and to be expected! My Lipoelastic bra was extremely comfortable despite being so swollen.

The nurses checked on me every 30 minutes for the entire evening following my surgery to check my ops and if I wanted another brew. One Hatfield were amazing. My blood pressure was so low but that’s normal for me but that meant I got extra treats to eat from the staff to try and get it up a bit - sadly I had zero appetite so barely ate a thing but I did drink them out of water and tea.

Surgery Day image 1
Surgery Day image 2

4 Days Post-Op

Bruising ain’t cute but so happy with the fact I have actual boobs on my chest. I was still in a lot of pain and quite immobile at this point but I was loving the fact that I now have a lovely shape to my boobs. I was undoing my Lipoelastic bra each morning to snap an update picture to document any changes, although nothing drastic had changed it was such a novelty looking at boobs rather than nothing. So pleased I did this and just willing the discomfort to pass ASAP. If you look at the pictures of surgery day, you can actually see how much they have dropped already. I barely had a gap between my boobs and collar bone before!

4 Days Post-Op image 1

2 Weeks Post-Op

My first look at my incisions. I didn’t look at them during my 1 WPO check with my nurse, I was too scared but she was so shocked and said that they had already healed. I was still worried about changing the tape myself at home despite knowing this in case I got any germs there etc., so I just didn’t for another week. I made my boyfriend do it instead, his reaction was to try and find the incision site with a confused face which instantly made me feel better. Honestly, I cannot believe how well the incisions have healed. I know there’s bruising but the actual scar is basically nonexistent at this stage. Thank you Medbelle and Dr Ahmed.

2 Weeks Post-Op image 1

1 Month Post-Op

I don’t feel back to normal, I still feel like they have a lot of relaxing to do. They’re firm as hell and there’s zero jiggle. My PO bras are feeling a little looser too which makes me think they’re shrinking a little? Probably the swelling going down. All in all I am loving having breasts, the bruising have gone and the scars are barely visible, they’re the best investment I’ve made to date. I don’t have any boob greed (yet) and love the shape, would just like them to drop a little more so I get a slope on the side profile rather than the roundness because I love that shape.

1 Month Post-Op image 1
1 Month Post-Op image 2

4 Months Post-Op

They’re squishy, they jiggle, the scars are teensie tiny, I think they suit my frame and are a decent size for it and I love the shape of the teardrop implant. Thank you Mr Foiz Ahmed... now to deal with the new boob spots I seem to have developed...

4 Months Post-Op image 1
Surgery results and benefits vary per individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteed.

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