Manjeet's Tummy Tuck (Full)

Surgery results and benefits vary per individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteed.

Manjeet's Tummy Tuck (Full)
44 years old
Vikram Vijh
Tummy Tuck (Full)

What made you consider having cosmetic surgery?

I had contemplated a tummy tuck for a few years as due to having three children (1 via C section) my stomach was hideous. 

Although I consider myself to be of average build (size 12/14) my stomach had this horrible overhang and I was always very self-conscious, not to mention the loss of my stomach muscles and general horrible flabbiness.

What was your process for gathering information and starting your research?

I started doing my research in 2018. 

After hearing so many disastrous stories about cosmetic surgery going wrong I was only going to pursue having a tummy tuck through Trustpilot - and this is when I encountered Medbelle.

I thoroughly did my research on the company and its practices. 

The nice thing is that you have a selection of plastic surgeons that you can choose from and it is from here that I opted for Dr Vik Vijh.

How did you find your initial contact with Medbelle?

I filled in the online form to express an interest for cosmetic surgery through Medbelle. Soon after I was contacted by my Patient Care Adviser, Jonathan. 

Jon called me and we went through on several occasions the reasons for cosmetic surgery, health questionnaires, and obviously the affordability for surgery. 

We discussed Dr Vik Vijh and I asked Jon to book my initial consultation for September 2018.

I had researched Dr Vijh and learned that he was an expert in his field of plastic/cosmetic surgery, he had amazing reviews as well as the fact he appeared on TV and is a well-known name nationally.

What was the initial consultation process like?

My consultation with Dr Vijh sealed the deal... he is the loveliest, most honest, caring and professional surgeon.

What did the surgeon discuss with you during your consultation?

He examined me and listened to my insecurities and why I wanted surgery. 

He made his recommendations and well there was no way I was leaving his clinic without being booked in! 

I would just also like to mention his lovely PA Julie who was extremely nice and very helpful. So, my surgery was booked in for Saturday 17th November 2018 at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham! I couldn’t wait!!

Can you tell me about the contact you had with your Patient Care Adviser and what kind of relationship you had with them in the lead up to your surgery?

During the lead up to my surgery, my Patient Care Adviser Jon was in constant contact via telephone or WhatsApp answering any queries or concerns. 

He sent through a lot of useful information for pre and post-surgery and was always on hand to resolve any questions. 

He is another super-efficient person who I would like to thank for all his help and support (and for his jokes that he sent via WhatsApp post-surgery when I was feeling a bit gloomy to cheer me up!).

Please walk me through the day of your surgery from beginning to end.

7/11/18 arrived. I was booked into a private room at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital 

All the staff at the hospital were fantastic. 

Dr Vijh came to see me in the afternoon before surgery and re-examined me, took pictures and made the necessary markings on my tummy. 

He was very soothing and comforting and I knew I was in the best hands.

My surgery lasted approx 4 hours. When I came round I was obviously a bit woozy and in pain, which is to be expected! 

I slept most of the night probably due to the anaesthetic and also the pain relief drugs that were being given.

On Sunday morning I woke feeling pretty good and although the pain was there it was manageable. I even got up and walked to the toilet with the aid of 2 nurses. 

I had two drains in on either side of my wound to drain the excess fluid and still had an IV in my arm as I was hooked up to a morphine cartridge that, if I was in pain, I clicked a button to administer a shot of morphine. However, I didn’t need the morphine much at all and so by 2pm on Sunday afternoon this was removed.

Dr Vijh came to see me on Sunday afternoon and examined me and instructed the nurses to remove the drains and said everything looked good. 

He advised me that everything went ok and he removed 8.8lbs during the surgery!! I was so happy!! He said that I was ok to be discharged that day and to take it easy etc.

What was it like for you in the days and weeks following surgery?

I went home Sunday late afternoon. I would say between Monday and Wednesday were the most trying days in terms of mobility and discomfort. 

But by Thursday I was feeling great! I was barely taking any pain killers and at the most, I was just taking two paracetamol for the whole day.

I had my wound check a week after the surgery at the QE and I’m delighted to say that my wound is healing absolutely fine with no problems at all. 

They removed the sterile bandages and I’m just having to wear the tummy corset binder for approx 6-8 weeks which I find is quite nice.

How did you feel about the results after surgery?

Well as you can imagine I couldn’t wait to see my tummy and all I can say is WOW! I have a flat tummy! 

It’s now day 10 since my surgery and I’m feeling great.

There is swelling and bruising but all this will ease off in time. 

I feel ready to drive (although I will wait until it has been 2-weeks post surgery). 

I’m taking no pain relief whatsoever, I’m mobile and walking around, doing light things around the house etc .... obviously not doing anything overly strenuous. 

In total I have taken 3-weeks off work to recover.

How do you feel about your results now?

I cannot thank Dr Vijh enough for performing this transformation on me and to say that he is an expert in his field is probably an understatement - he is Amazing!! 

He has done a superb job - and believe me when I say my stomach was hideous - he has given me the curves through liposuction (which he recommended) and I am absolutely delighted with the result. I cannot thank and praise him enough.

What would you say to a family member or a friend considering a similar procedure?

I highly recommend Medbelle / Dr Vijh as you are in the safest and most expert and professional hands. I’m thoroughly over the moon with my result. Thank you so much Dr Vijh & Medbelle xxx

Surgery results and benefits vary per individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteed.

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