Natalie's Breast Enlargement

Natalie's Breast Enlargement

Surgery results and benefits vary per individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteed.

40 years old
Jag Jagadeesan
Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement, 310cc moderate profile Sebbin implants over muscle

10 months ago I decided that I wanted Breast enlargement after losing 2 stone 7 lbs, apparently all from my boobs.

I went to 3 other cosmetic groups before I found Medbelle, all only offering surgery in London, all suggesting an overnight hotel stay after surgery and all over 5k with a hard sell and pressure to book in for surgery.

I submitted an online enquiry to Medbelle and my PCA Cameron called me back later that afternoon, after a good 30 minutes chatting about my most personal details and my vanishing boobies. I decided to book a consultation with a surgeon for the following week.

I spent the next 7 days researching the surgeon, (almost to the point of being a stalker) and he looked great, reading reviews about Medbelle and again only finding good things. Also spent a fair few hours obsessively looking at pictures of boobs, before and after shots and the boobs of anyone that walked past me (My husband found this hilarious).

At my consultation Mr Jagadeesan was brilliant, very professional and very friendly, he talked to me about Fat Transfer which I had never heard of and about implants, the pros and cons of each, the surgical procedure and the aftercare. He asked if he could take a look, measured me and took some pictures, he asked me what I wanted size-wise and came to the agreement that implants are the best option for me.

He told me about the company Sebbin, who supply the implants and told me to try the rice test with various weights to work out what size I wanted, I was given a chart too with the width and projection sizes of the implants on.

The best bit was finding out that the operation will take place at the QE hospital, just 6 miles from my home AND that includes an overnight hospital stay, so I will be looked after by nurses on my first night, HUGE RELIEF.

My mind was made up that this is what I wanted, the price was the same as initially stated as I don't need an uplift, so I booked in for surgery there and then. 


My PCA called me later that day to see how I got on, I was emailed all the information from the consultation and a breakdown of the costs. Cameron sent me links for the finance company Chrysallis and submitted my details for me. He saved me a huge amount of stress as I had already spent hours comparing quotes and credit options with no joy.

The following 4 weeks I spent looking at more boobs (honestly, I'm obsessed), felt a few of my friends' boobs (now my husband is just getting jealous) and dancing around with bags of rice in my bra,  I did try to watch a video of breast surgery but I freaked out, some things are best left out. 

I paid my deposit and got the finance set up, I received an email with my hospital admission details, suddenly it all just got real!

My PCA checked in on me to see how I was and got me booked in for another consultation with Mr Jag. 

This time was more in-depth talking about the surgery and anaesthetic which was worrying me, Mr Jag put my mind at rest, he said my health and safety is top priority, even up to the point I'm on the theatre table I can change my mind or delay, I am in total control.

I asked him to measure me again as I had chosen 310cc round, medium projection textured implants, I needed to know if my body was right for these, He said he will go Sub Glandular, which is above the muscle but beneath the breast tissue, the implants will fit fine taking me to about a C cup hopefully but that is not guaranteed, they could be more like a D. He told me it takes months to see the final result as they drop and settle. I asked about sleeping positions and post-surgery bras (MYA group tried to sell me a £60 bra during the consultation). He said it's not necessary or proven to help recovery, but most patients choose to wear them for comfort and support. As for sleep, upright for the first couple of days but only as my arms will be sore to sit up, again it's at patient's discretion and shouldn't make a difference to how they settle.

COVID 🥺 My o  got cancelled 

Fast forward 7 months and


My op was re-scheduled for 16th Oct  at Burcot Hall Hospital

I had 3 weeks notice that seemed like forever.

Got my self prepared and off I went.

I was petrified but there was no need. 

The staff and nurses at Burcot were fantastic. Anesthetist was amazing and calmed me down and made me feel so much better too.

Mr Jag came in for a chat. Measured me again and drew on me ready for the op, explained what he was doing and why.

He checked my boobs because I had a bit of pain but assured me it was OK. Most likely pre menstrual pains which I always get.

The surgery was great  just under an hour and I woke up comfy and warm. 


So happy. 

The stay over night was great, comfortable and I was cared for by a lovely nurse named Susan.  She kept my meds  topped up and popped in often to check I  was ok with lots of tea.

Mr Jag came in on the morning to see how  I was doing. Checked me over and had the drains removed. I was give  a bag of pain meds and antibiotics for the week.

I was discharged with the help of the nurses carrying my bags and waving me off.

I'm now 9 days post op. Healing well and absolutely love my boobs.


I couldn't be happier

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Surgery results and benefits vary per individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteed.

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