Ruby's Breast Enlargement

Surgery results and benefits vary per individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteed.

Ruby's Breast Enlargement
20 years old
Paul Tulley
Breast Enlargement

The first steps towards having treatment

MYA canceled my surgery less than 2 weeks before my date due to a previous prescription of propranolol. I do not have clinical anxiety or depression, and my GP wrote many letters saying how I am 100% fit for surgery and have always been mentally stable. So I registered with Medbelle and they’ve been great! I stressed I needed to have the surgery in the next few weeks before I go back for my final term of uni, and my PC gave me a few surgeon options. I saw the first surgeon, and although I respect he is an excellent surgeon, we did not see eye to eye. So I called Medbelle and said I am not comfortable with him, and they booked me in with another surgeon right away! Dr. Paul Tulley has loads more photos online and I am overall a lot more comfortable going into this without being completely blind. MYA is covering themselves so much from my ‘anxiety’ which has not affected me at all - if anything they are the cause of my anxiety and stress at the moment. The surgeon at MYA was great, it’s a shame MYA is so tight.


My boobs have fluctuated a fair bit in the past few years with hormones, but have been chilling here at their smallest for too long now. My left is visibly smaller than my right, and when Dr. Tulley took his measurements he noted that my chest wall is actually narrower on that side as well. I am seeing him again later today to confirm the sizes. I have a very narrow petite build so it’s important I choose an implant to fit and suit my frame well, and the implant I had previously confirmed when I was with MYA would have been too wide. We have temporarily agreed on 280cc dual-plane anatomical but will confirm later today.

Stats: 20y/o, 164cm, 49kg, UK size 4

Surgery is 1 week tomorrow.

Pre-op image 1

A few hours post-op

So happy.

As planned, 280cc dual plane anatomical. Dr Tulley said they could just squeeze this size (280cc) in by literally a millimetre as my chest is so narrow but all went well! They’re looking a lot better than I expected post-op! Just my nipples looking a bit mad.

Went into the theatre just after 6 pm, my nurse and anaesthetists were beyond lovely. Don’t remember falling asleep, the last thing I remember is feeling a bit drunk and then I was gone. Woke up feeling happy and chatty, and still feel happy and normal. They were laughing at me in recovery as they were baffled by how smiley and chatty I was immediately. Feeling very tight, as expected, and only pain at the moment is when I’m tense or trying to do things like flush a toilet! Other than that I feel great. After I came out of recovery I had to wait a bit for my drains to come out and had a walk to the bathroom with the nurse, then they took the drains and cannula out and I finished my tea and we drove home! Miles smoother procedure than I expected, just so so happy.

Thank you so so much Medbelle & Dr Paul Tulley

A few hours post-op image 1

1 day post-op

The bloat is real! Don’t really have pain, just feels like I’ve done an intense chest workout. The left side is more sore than the right surprisingly, and slightly more swollen. Also, I have sensation already coming back in my right nipple! Nipples are both looking pretty wild though. Definitely look smaller in pictures, and it’s hard to take a good picture anyway with these T-Rex arms, but I’m really happy. Went on a short slow dog walk (I didn’t hold the lead) and felt ok just a lot of tightness. Sneezing and hiccuping are not very comfortable. Other than that, so far so good!

1 day post-op image 1

2 days post-op

I felt fine yesterday so was expecting to feel not so good today but I feel better?! Obviously quite achy when I wake up but that doesn’t take too long to subside. Arms more mobile but my chest feels quite tight when standing up/walking around - partly due to the restricting sports strapping. Still no sensation in my left nipple and some in my right - did a round of ice packs before this photo so they don’t look as puffy.

I’ve been taking one 375mg co-amoxiclav tablet after each meal (three times daily). When I got home the night of my op I took one 30mg codeine tablet and went to sleep, and have since been taking half a tablet a couple of times a day (it says to take half four times a day, but I’ve only been taking twice a day).

I’ve been relatively on top of my medication which may be why I haven’t experienced any actual pain. I’m only in pain when I’m putting pressure on my arms (which I know I shouldn’t be), working my pectoral muscles.

Sleeping upright has been ok so far, the neck pillow has been a life saver, but I think that’s partly down to a good mattress. The recovery has been way easier than expected (so far), but I’m fully aware it may well get worse!

2 days post-op image 1

1 week post-op

Finally got all the strapping off after the longest week ever. Also was able to have my first shower. I’m so happy with the size! Tried to run for a bus on day 5 but made it 1.5 steps and felt like my chest was gonna explode! Time to start wearing my sports bra now. It is an M&S extra high impact sports bra - my surgeon prefers these to front fastening ones. It’s size 32D. Thank you Medbelle.

1 week post-op image 1

2 weeks post-op

Had another appointment with the nurse today. She took off my steri-strips and changed to this brown tape, which she gave me a roll of and some scissors to change when need be. When the scars have totally healed over (1-2 weeks) I can remove the strips altogether and begin to apply scar gel or E45 (or similar) moisturizer. Medbelle sent me a care package, which was waiting for me when I got back from my surgery, which contained some scar gel which I will be using.

Thought I’d post some angles that I haven’t posted before! White strange photos (in my opinion) but I’m just so so happy with the size, shape, and everything! I have more or less full sensation back in my right nipple, but only partially so far in my left (but is increasing), hence why my left nipple is still slightly swollen! I can feel the implants moving now, which I have been assured is totally normal at this stage, although it feels very weird. I was worried about the implant turning as I have anatomical shaped implants, but the nurse said this is fine, just make sure I’m keeping them in place with the bra and everything. If they were to turn, apparently it wouldn’t be until later anyway so I have nothing to worry about feeling them move! The second picture is a comparison between 1 week 2 days post-op (top) and today (bottom).

Been wearing the Macom bra mostly for the past few days, which I feel is pushing them together and up (as my surgeon warned - he advised me against the Macom but I had already bought). For some people, I understand this is beneficial, but I’m gonna switch back to the M&S sports bras! They’ll start to sit more naturally again then. In other news, the swelling has gone and they’ve definitely dropped slightly and started to fluff!

2 weeks post-op image 1
2 weeks post-op image 2

12 Weeks 13 Days Post-Op

My life has changed forever! 

From my experience so far, I previously had SUCH anxiety about summer and the questions about why I feel the need to wear baggy T-shirts all the time. I would never go in the pool/ sea for long on holidays with my friends and just overall felt so so anxious all the time and it was really affecting my social life due to my own perception of myself, and the inability to get it off my mind. I would cancel events and keep put of the way so nobody would even realise. Now, a month into my summer, I have honestly never ever ever ever been so happy and confident! Most of all, I have never been so comfortable in my own skin. It’s incredible.

Side note - I try not to take/examine photos like this too much, as I think they look so so much better in person! These photos seem to highlight the slight differences in shape/size that are honestly undetectable to me otherwise. I absolutely love them! Still got 6 months left of possible changes, but I am so so happy.

Thank you Medbelle 💙

12 Weeks 13 Days Post-Op image 1

6 Months Post-Op

Cannot express how much I love my boobs and how much I feel like my life has changed. Never felt so comfortable and confident in my own body.

Dr Tulley did an amazing job and I could not be happier. The only critique I would have is that my scars are slightly high as they are not in my crease, but as they fade more they are becoming more and more unnoticeable!

Thank you endlessly Medbelle for making this happen for me 💙

Surgery results and benefits vary per individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteed.

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