Sara's Liposuction (2 Areas) and Rhinoplasty (Open)

Surgery results and benefits vary per individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteed.

Sara's Liposuction (2 Areas) and Rhinoplasty (Open)
34 years old
Paul Tulley
Liposuction (2 Areas) and Rhinoplasty (Open)

The first steps I took towards having a procedure

I had done a fair bit of research, I found at times I would over-research and that would make it even more difficult to choose. So I decided to narrow down my top five based on my research.

MYA was one of them, The Harley Clinic, Transform and Medbelle. I arranged to see all the clinics but Dr. Tulley was the only surgeon I had met, the rest were a patient coordinator.

What attracted to me to Medbelle was the service I got from the start from the patient coordinator to then meeting Dr. Tulley.

My first call with my patient care adviser

My patient care adviser, Sarah, was so professional yet so easy to talk to. Almost as if we were friends. Sarah had a lot knowledge which reassured me, even if she couldn’t answer one of my questions she would go to seek advice and would get back to me promptly.

My consultation

Consultation went very well, I was prepared with all the questions I wanted to ask. What I did like was the surgeon's realistic expectations. I wanted a huge change which wasn’t going to help the functionality of my nose. He reassured me there would be a significant change in shape and size that wouldn’t affect the functioning of my nose. The only negatives I could say about that consultation is that I had to wait for over an hour.

Surgery day

My pre-op assessment went well. I was given all the relevant information on what would happen during and after my procedure.

On the day I was very nervous, the staff were so lovely and very friendly, which helped put my nerves at ease.

The hospital room was a little small. Other than that, the facilities were clean. The staff were extremely friendly and are always on hand to make you feel more comfortable.

Tips that I would share is to wear loose clothing and have someone there to help you get dressed.

One week after my procedure

One week after my operation and I was healing very well. I managed to have a good night's sleep after five days of no sleep. I can’t say I had any pain, I was just extremely uncomfortable. 

I didn’t expect to feel so energetic after my surgery, also my appetite came back with no problems.

Two months after my procedure

I was not in any discomfort at all, the functionality of my nose was at its best by two months post-op. Still my nose was uneven and my smile was also uneven. I did start to panic at this stage that this would be my end result. Though again Dr. Tulley asked me to be patient and allow some more time.

Six months after my procedure

So it has now been six months since my surgery and my nose is now symmetrical, my smile is back too. All the swelling has gone, and I am truly happy with my results. Here's a picture of me before my surgery (left), and 4 weeks after (right). 

Six months after my procedure image 1
Surgery results and benefits vary per individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteed.

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