Yuusuf's Multiple Arthroscopic Operation on Knee

Surgery results and benefits vary per individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteed.

Yuusuf's Multiple Arthroscopic Operation on Knee
19 years old
Paul Trikha
Kingston upon thames
Multiple Arthroscopic Operation on Knee

What is your day to day life like?

I was very active before my injury, I played football a lot. I'm not as active since my injury as my knee causes me a lot of pain.

How did you injure your knee?

About two years ago my knee started causing me problems after injuring it while playing football. I saw a consultant and found out I had an oblique tear to the meniscus at the back of my knee.

I sought treatment and initially had an ACL reconstruction procedure with a consultant.

This operation didn’t get my knee back to where it was before the injury, so I then found another consultant. They recommended I have a lateral meniscus repair operation.

Unfortunately, this second operation still didn’t completely repair my knee so it continued to feel unstable.

Even with two failed operations, I stuck with my physiotherapy sessions. I met with my physio twice a month for 6 months following the second operation. My time with the physio focused on strengthening the muscles around my knee.

I also tried corticosteroid injections to help with the pain. But my knee kept being painful even after the injections.

Walking was still difficult for me, I could still feel random sharp pains in my knee and I had a very limited range of motion.

How did you come across Medbelle?

I was determined to find a surgeon who could help me get back to how I felt before my football injury. So I researched knee surgery on Google and found Medbelle.

After giving my name and other details along with the treatment I thought I needed, Medbelle Patient Care Adviser Ann reached out to me.

During our first call, Ann asked me about my injury in order to decide what my next best step was.

After talking, we decided Mr Trikha was the right consultant for me. Ann told me Mr Trikha is an expert in knee conditions and knee treatments and also has a special interest in reconstructive knee surgery and sports injuries. Because of his focus on sports injuries, I felt confident that Mr Trikha could help me fix my knee.

Ann booked me an appointment for an initial consultation immediately. The consultation was scheduled for the following week, so it all happened really fast

Can you tell me about your initial consultation process?

Mr Trikha first saw me in consultation and requested a new MRI of my knee to better understand my knee’s condition.

We also discussed how I injured my knee, my previous surgeries and the possible ways he could put a stop to my knee pain and heal my knee.

After getting the MRI results, I had a second consultation. During this, Mr Trikha said that the only way to stop my knee pain was to have another surgery. He recommended I have a keyhole surgery on my knee (also known as knee arthroscopy).

I was confident with Mr Trikha’s diagnosis and felt positive and optimistic with his treatment plan. I was ready to have the operation and felt good that he had a lot of experience performing surgery on my specific type of meniscus injury.

How did you find your pre-operative appointment?

It was very straightforward. The nurses and staff at New Victoria Hospital were very helpful.

What were your expectations for healing before surgery?

I hoped to return to sport after 6 months.

What was your day of surgery like, from beginning to end?

My operation was booked for late March 2020 in the New Victoria Hospital.

But this was cancelled because of the pandemic when hospitals were closing to focus on people sick with COVID.

Ann kept me updated and let me know a few months later that my operation had been rescheduled to early July.

My operation then went ahead smoothly and I found the hospital staff very helpful and professional even with the changes because of coronavirus. I felt very comfortable and had no complications.

What was it like for you in the days and weeks following surgery?

I remember the pain was minimal after surgery. I didn’t need any painkillers.

How did you and your surgeon interact after surgery?

Mr Trikha met me straight after the operation. He said that the surgery had been successful and instructed me how I should look after my knee.

Then I saw him at my 3-week post-op appointment. He was happy with my progress and said I almost had a full range of motion.

I kept wearing my knee brace after this appointment just to protect my knee.

How is your knee now compared to how it was before surgery?

Now I can walk without needing painkillers.

Today, it is 6 weeks since my knee operation and I’m feeling great and finally walking without pain.

I’m very confident that my knee will heal fully but I understand it will take some time.

So far I have completed 3 physio sessions out of 8 and will continue to keep up with them.

How has your experience been with physiotherapy?

Very good, so far I have had 3 appointments and they are helping me strengthen my leg muscles.

Do you have any words of advice for other patients considering this procedure?

I would tell them that Medbelle provides quick and safe service with an experienced surgeon.

Surgery results and benefits vary per individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteed.

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