Medbelle positionPatient Care Adviser
TitlesBachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN), Registered Nurse (RN)


Grace R is originally from Toronto, Canada, where she trained to be a nurse. Her role now as a Patient Care Adviser means she’s able to support patients throughout each stage of their care, and her experience lends itself to providing the time and attention each patient needs. Grace uses her training to ensure patients receive the very best care throughout their journey.

Job Responsibilities

  • Guide patients through their surgical journey from the first call until recovery, giving patients personalised one-to-one support.
  • Provide high-quality treatment knowledge and trusted resources, ensuring all patients are informed on all aspects of their care.
  • Schedule consultations between the patient and their surgeon, removing the stress and hassle from the patient
  • Coordinate patients’ surgery, allowing patients to concentrate on their recovery.
  • Be the patient's point of contact throughout their journey, giving the patient reassurance and constant support from start to finish.
Grace in her own words
Work experience

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