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Jack comes from Whanganui, New Zealand, but has since moved over to Europe nearly a year ago. He has been with Medbelle since 2021. He has previous experience working in New Zealand’s correctional facilities assisting with checks for those working with vulnerable members of the public such as the elderly or children. He combines his natural ability to provide outstanding customer service with empathy, compassion and professionalism to help patients at Medbelle.


  • Guide patients through their surgical journey from the first call until recovery giving patients personalised one to one support
  • Provide high-quality treatment knowledge and trusted resources ensuring all patients are informed on all aspects of their care
  • Schedule consultations between the patient and their surgeon removing the stress and hassle from the patient
  • Coordinate patients’ surgery allowing patients to concentrate on their recovery
  • Be the patient's point of contact throughout their journey giving the patients reassurance and constant support from start to finish

Jack in his own words

Which aspects of your role do you find most fulfilling?

I love working at Medbelle where patient-centric care is the focus and the whole team is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our patients. It is a privilege to be in a position to help guide and support patients throughout their treatment journey as it is such a significant moment for them. Orthopaedic conditions affect every aspect of a patient’s life not only taking a physical toll but also having a major impact on their mental well-being as well. Seeing patients get their quality of life back is a really special thing to be a part of.

Your best memory with a patient

I had a younger patient who had a knee injury that he suffered playing football. He made an inquiry with us to see a private knee specialist after the NHS waiting list for his procedure was going to be far too long. We matched him with our knee specialist Mr Trikha who was a perfect fit due to his experience in these types of sporting knee injuries. We were able to arrange a consultation and get the patient booked in for a procedure within four weeks. After a successful procedure, he has been making great progress with his physiotherapy and will be able to play football again once he completes the rest of his rehabilitation. It was great to be part of the patient's journey and I was especially glad we were able to get treatment sorted within such a short amount of time.

One thing you wish everyone knew?

It is important that patients get a full diagnosis and treatment plan for orthopaedic conditions as soon as possible and not leave these issues untreated. This gives patients the best opportunity to have a wider range of treatment options.

One piece of advice you would give patients looking into orthopaedic surgery

Even if you are not looking at getting a procedure or other treatment done immediately, having a consultation with a specialist about your issue is still worthwhile. You will be able to get clear guidance from an experienced expert who can clarify your questions or concerns about the different treatment options. There is no obligation to move forward with the recommendations, but from there you can make an informed decision on the next step in your treatment journey.

Other interests

I played rugby competitively throughout my life, playing at secondary school, for the University of Canterbury and I also played age-grade representative rugby for the Canterbury Rugby Football Union.

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