Lou joined Medbelle with a wealth of experience. Her roles over the years means that she is always focused on providing the best experience for her patients and always goes the extra mile to ensure they feel happy and confident as they progress through their journey.

Medbelle positionPatient Care Adviser


Lourdes was born in Mexico City but has lived abroad most of her life. She studied hospitality management and had several customer-facing roles before joining Medbelle in 2021 after a year of travelling. She’s always happy to help patients navigate through the difficulties of quality healthcare making sure that patients are prepared and informed. Lourdes is an important part of the Patient Care Adviser team.

Job responsibilities

  • Guide patients through their surgical journey from the first call until recovery giving patients personalised one-to-one support
  • Provide high-quality treatment knowledge and trusted resources ensuring all patients are informed on all aspects of their care
  • Schedule consultations between the patient and their surgeon removing the stress and hassle from the patient
  • Coordinate patients’ surgery allowing patients to concentrate on their recovery
  • Be the patient's point of contact throughout their journey giving the patients reassurance and constant support from start to finish

Lourdes in her own words

Why I love my job

I love being able to guide patients toward becoming the best version of themselves. Deciding to have surgery is a hugely personal decision and working at Medbelle as a Patient Care Adviser has given me the opportunity to help and guide patients to get the best quality of healthcare making a positive impact on their life.

Best memory with a patient

I had the opportunity to support a patient who did not have much experience with computers and technology. During our calls, I would guide her through the process of booking her surgery and logging into video consultations with her surgeon. She was very thankful since I was able to give her guidance over the phone and teach her how to navigate her computer.

One thing you wish people knew

There is a lot of stigma around cosmetic surgery but it is nothing to be ashamed of. There are many different ways how we can improve ourselves and taking care of our appearance can boost confidence that will motivate patients to become the best versions of themselves.

One piece of advice you'd give to someone considering surgery

It's very important that patients choose a surgeon that gives them confidence and that inspires trust. Please don't be afraid to ask as many questions as you want, surgeons are there to help you!

Other interests

I have lived in 9 different countries in my life! Also worked in hospitality management before joining Medbelle and met some very famous people

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