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Paddy was born in Wexford, Ireland, and he joined Medbelle in 2021 as a Patient Care Adviser. He has worked in customer service roles for years and is calm and reassuring. Supporting patients is second nature for Paddy because of his exceptionally organised demeanour and proactive thinking. He is a perfect fit for his role in Orthopaedics, supporting all patients through their treatment journey and ensuring they all receive the highest levels of care.

Job responsibilities

  • Guide patients through their surgical journey from the first call until recovery, giving patients personalised one-to-one support
  • Provide high-quality treatment knowledge and trusted resources, ensuring all patients are informed on all aspects of their care
  • Schedule consultations between the patient and their surgeon, removing the stress and hassle from the patient
  • Coordinate patients’ surgery allowing patients to concentrate on their recovery
  • Be the patient's point of contact throughout their journey, giving the patients reassurance and constant support from start to finish.

Paddy's own words

Which aspects of your role do you find most fulfilling?

"I love being able to help a patient with all aspects of their journey from trying to find the right surgeon right up to after the procedure. It is incredibly rewarding because the patient really appreciates the care that we offer. I also really enjoy working with such an enthusiastic and friendly team who are always willing to help each other. "

Your best memory with a patient

"I had a great patient who was living with chronic spinal pain. It was affecting him so much that he could no longer pick up his kids. He saw our spinal specialist Mr David Cumming who advised him that he does not require surgery and instead some physio with a focus on pilates. This was a huge relief to the patient, and he is now doing well with his physiotherapy and has been very appreciative of my help as a patient care adviser throughout his journey with Medbelle."

If there was one thing you wish everyone knew

"Surgery is not always the answer. Non-surgical methods such as physiotherapy are often the best course of action for a patient, which is something a lot of people do not realise. However, you will often need to be patient in order to see results."

One piece of advice you would give patients looking into orthopaedic surgery

"Postoperative aftercare is just as important as the procedure itself, with any orthopaedic procedure. It is very important to do your research and ensure all of your aftercare is included in your cost to avoid unwanted surprises down the line."

Other interests

"I have a Bachelor of Business Studies from Dublin City University, which included a one-year Erasmus at the Univesity of Innsbruck, Austria. This allowed me to improve my German language skills and meet people from all over the world. I now travel as much as I can to see different parts of the globe."

Paddy's reviews

"The Medbelle team is great. Paddy was assigned to my case. So helpful, professional, caring and supportive. Everything that needed doing, like making appointments etc. he took care of. Always keeping me up to date, I had nothing to worry about.
Dr Loannis Polyzois performed carpal tunnel release surgery on my hand. He is brilliant. His work is amazing. Through the procedure, he was supportive and caring. He made me feel at ease and comfortable. I absolutely recommend Dr Polyzois, Paddy and the Medbelle team. Thank you to you all."

Melodi from London

"Paddy has been amazing with me; always available whenever I need him or need to know something and has been a very great help to me throughout this whole procedure. Thanks Very much, Paddy at Medbelle."

Isaac from Glasgow

"Excellent service from Paddy from start to finish. Would highly recommend to anyone."

Stuart from Sheffield

Medbelle took care of everything at a good price

"I needed treatment that I was unable to wait for on the NHS so I requested to be contacted by Medbelle they assigned me a person to liaise between the private hospital and myself. They kept me informed all the time and arranged all the consultations, my operation, and even my physio they were amazing. I paid for everything in one payment so it was easy, all I had to think about was getting myself well again."

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