Sarah O'Connell-Block

Sarah was one of the first members of Medbelle and brings years of patient care experience and strategic insights. Building the Patient Care journey from the ground up, she has a unique viewpoint and the skills that are invaluable to providing the best patient experience

Medbelle positionHead of Pathway Management
Sarah O'Connell-Block


Sarah was one of the original three of Medbelle, joining the company in 2016 to be the first Patient Care Adviser, hiring her own team of Patient Care Advisers as head of Pathway Management. Sarah is a big personality, and charismatic leader, her enthusiasm and passion for changing the face of healthcare inspires her colleagues. She created and adapted the patient care experience from the outset and continues to use her insights to improve it further. Her hard work and strategic planning have led to the growth of her department to be the largest in the company. Sarah is also a big part of fostering partnerships and demonstrating the value that great patient care and experience all our patients have. Our company has grown around Sarah, and she has been one of the driving forces behind making Medbelle help thousands of patients.


  • Leads the Patient Pathway Teams, who are responsible for all Patient management and pathway logistics across several different surgery types, including Cosmetics, Orthopaedics and Ophthalmology
  • Oversees the management of the Patient Experience and Complaints Team to make sure we're doing the very best for patients, all the while improving our processes
  • Responsible for high-level strategic planning in collaboration with other department heads to ensure smoothing running of the entire patient journey
  • Responsible for overall department performance and scale-up, allowing us to provide high-quality care to more and more patients across the country

Sarah in her own words

In our interview with Sarah, discover her challenges and exciting new ventures within the private healthcare sector, how digitisation has shaped her job and her leadership experiences. Read the full interview here.

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