Ear Pinning in Birmingham

Ear Pinning in Birmingham


Overnight stay

0 Nights


Local with Sedation or General

Recovery time

3 to 6 Months

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If you’ve struggled with disliking the look or shape of your ears, a simple procedure could ease this discomfort permanently. Ear pinning, also known as otoplasty or pinnaplasty, is a popular surgery to achieve a more proportionate or symmetrical ear shape and size. While the procedure is relatively simple, the benefits are wide-ranging, transforming self-esteem, lifestyle choices and even career choices. And because the ears act as a frame to the face, ear pinning can make a huge difference to your immediate appearance.

So why Medbelle? With hand-picked surgeons, one-on-one patient guidance and partnerships with the UK’s leading hospitals, you’ll be supported by the UK’s highest-rated medical provider for your ear pinning in Birmingham.

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Medbelle’s surgeons are the best-trained and most competitively priced for ear pinning in Birmingham. This is a claim we back up with proof. Each surgeon is trained in the UK to the highest level in their field and has BAAPS or BAAPRAS membership and at least ten years experience as a plastic surgeon as a starting standard. Our ear pinning surgeons are leaders in their industry, using the most advanced and proven techniques for reliably outstanding results.


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Here at Medbelle, we will provide you with the quality and excellence you are looking for as you research potential clinics and surgeons. From the initial consultation to the operation itself and all-important aftercare visits, we will keep you informed and make sure you are safe and comfortable throughout every stage of your treatment.

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Featured Medbelle Location in Birmingham

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Your Ear Pinning in Birmingham

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Your Ear Pinning in Birmingham

Ear pinning, ear correction, otoplasty and pinnaplasty all refer to the same procedure. That is, changing the size, shape or position of the ears with the aim of achieving a proportionate and symmetrical ear appearance. This is done by realigning the ‘pinna’ of the ear.

The procedure usually lasts between 60 to 120 minutes. It is performed as a day case procedure. It starts with signing a consent form, discussing the surgery’s desired goal, and marking the ear. During the surgery, general or local anaesthetic with or without sedation is used. It’s up to you and your surgeon which suits you best.

A small incision is made where the ear meets the head, showing cartilage. The surgeon uses this to reshape the ear and secures it into a new position with permanent structures to prevent the ear from protruding again, stitching the wound and wrapping a tight bandage around the head. Naturally, the scar here is rarely visible.

Once the surgery is complete, you’ll recover from the anaesthetic and return home – usually on the same day. You’ll see the difference immediately, with the changes being appreciated even more after three to six months.

Ear Pinning In Birmingham: Frequently Asked Questions

Though a simple procedure, you may have questions about your ear pinning in Birmingham. Below you can find some of the most common ear pinning FAQs.

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