Labiaplasty in Birmingham


Procedure time

1 to 2 Hours


Overnight stay

0 to 1 Nights



Local with Sedation or General


Recovery time

6 Months

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Childbirth, weight loss, ageing, or genetics can result in labia which are enlarged, stretched, asymmetrical or darkened. This may cause discomfort during exercise or sexual intercourse, or whilst wearing certain types of clothing like leggings or tight trousers. It can also cause a lack of self esteem, meaning it is often a source of embarrassment. Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that reduces the size of the labia so could address the emotional or physical discomfort you may feel because of your labia.

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At Medbelle we believe it is important that patients are informed about what to expect throughout their treatment. We provide our patients with an outstanding level of care they expect and deserve.

Our Labiaplasty surgeons in Birmingham

Vikram Vijh

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  • Lead NHS Consultant plastic surgeon at The University Hospital Birmingham
  • Featured in "Extreme Male Beauty" and on TV programmes such as "Extreme Makeover"

"He frequently features on national and regional TV news and is a regular on a host of radio shows as his expertise and opinion is much sought after by the media."

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Jag Jagadeesan

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  • Has trained internationally under many internationally renowned surgeons
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Medbelle Locations in Birmingham

If you are ready to begin your cosmetic surgery journey and are on the lookout for a friendly, professional, experienced team then you are in the right place with Medbelle.

We know that the traditional healthcare system can be disorganised not to mention overstretched. At Medbelle we believe in giving patients an outstanding level of care that we would wish to receive ourselves.

Medbelle currently offers labiaplasty at 3 locations in Birmingham. Whichever hospital you choose, you will receive the very best level of care provided to you in one of our world-class treatment facilities.

Featured Medbelle Locations in Birmingham

Dolan Parkis home to the UK’s largest weight-loss facility. It also specialises in a number of cosmetic procedures, provided in an environment that looks more like a stately home than a hospital to add a touch of luxury to your stay. There are 32 en-suite bedrooms complete with Wi-Fi and Freeview TV.

BMI Priorymakes comfort and care their top priority. Most treatments performed here are day procedures, with overnight stays including meals with your visitors also possible. The hospital is located in the Edgbaston area of Birmingham.

Queen Elizabeth is one of the largest teaching hospital trusts in England, treating more than 2.2 million patients a year. It is home to several specialist centres and is well served by public transport as well as road and rail.

Your Labiaplasty in Birmingham

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The labia is an intimate area of the body which can go through some significant changes due to ageing, childbirth or weight loss. This can cause the labia minora to become enlarged, stretched or appear darkened. You may also have an enlarged labia due to genetic factors.

Aside from disliking the appearance of your labia, an enlarged labia can also cause pain and discomfort during exercise, sexual intercourse or even when trying to wear certain types of clothing. It is for that reason a labiaplasty is a common procedure with those who dislike the size or shape of their labia.

A labiaplasty is an operation which makes the labia minora smaller in size. It can also reduce asymmetry or remove any darkness which has appeared. It works by making a cut using either of the most commonly used incision techniques, to remove loose skin and create a smaller, neater labia minora area.

The operation is normally performed as a day procedure, meaning patients can usually go home on the same day. There are some aftercare steps which follow a labiaplasty, and it might take up to 6 months to fully see the results.

Birmingham Labiaplasty: Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering undergoing a labiaplasty, it is likely you have some questions about what to expect. Here we will answer some of your top questions.

  • What does a normal labia look like?


    We understand that if you are considering a labiaplasty, you may be concerned that the size or shape of your labia may be abnormal. However, it's important for you to know there is no ‘normal’ regarding labia, as no two people are the same.
    Rather than compare yourself to an imaginary norm, what is important to consider is how you feel about your labia. If following childbirth or due to genetics you feel unhappy with the look of your labia, then this is something you may like to change through surgery.

    It is also important to factor in any current physical issues you are having such as discomfort during exercise or sex or difficulties wearing trousers comfortably. These factors may also suggest would benefit from a labiaplasty to reduce the size of your labia.

  • How long will it take for me to recover following labiaplasty?


    Some swelling, bruising or discomfort following labiaplasty surgery is normal and painkillers will be provided to you to ease any discomfort.

    You will need someone with you for the first 24 hours due to the anaesthesia which will leave you feeling groggy.

    You will need to take at least 2 days off work, however, some patients take a week. There will be several aftercare steps to follow, including how soon you can return to exercise after your labiaplasty.

    It can take up to 6 months to fully heal from the procedure and see the finished results.

  • How long must I wait to have sex after labiaplasty?


    It is important to refrain from sexual activity for at least 4 weeks after labiaplasty surgery. This is so your labia has enough time to heal. For the same reason, you should also avoid tampons during this time.

    It is also recommended that patients wear loose underwear to avoid friction or rubbing the area during the healing process. You will also need to wear sanitary towels due to the bleeding which occurs following a labiaplasty.

  • Can I get labiaplasty on the NHS?


    It is possible to get labiaplasty on the NHS if you are experiencing extreme discomfort or pain due to the size of your labia. However, it is not available for cosmetic reasons.

    If you choose Medbelle, you do not have to wait to see a surgeon or book your procedure. This is a main benefit of choosing a private medical provider like Medbelle as opposed to waiting in queues for NHS treatment.


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