How Aberdeen is embracing digital healthcare

Medbelle's new model for healthcare is centered around clinicians and patients. The partnership with Aberdeen Orthopaedics is an excellent example of this and has already helped almost 150 patients

How Aberdeen is embracing digital healthcare

North-East Scotland is leading the UK’s digital healthcare revolution thanks to a partnership between Medbelle and Aberdeen Orthopaedics, Scotland’s largest private specialist group for musculoskeletal conditions.

This partnership means patients across northern Scotland, including some of the most remote areas, will have access to some of the most streamlined, efficient and patient-centred orthopaedic care in the country.

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About Aberdeen Orthopaedics

Aberdeen Orthopaedics is a group of twelve experienced consultants specialising in the full range of musculoskeletal conditions including joint replacements, spinal problems, hand conditions and shoulder injuries.

They are the largest group of muscoluskeletal specialists in Scotland, and all of their expert consultants are partnered with Medbelle.

Patients can make an appointment with one of the group’s consultants without a prior GP appointment or referral.

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Medbelle provides a digital pathway for private patients while helping clinicians to manage and grow their practices. Medbelle brings together the disparate aspects of healthcare into one easy-to-access place, making life easier for both patients and clinicians.

Medbelle brings the benefits of digitalisation along with a personalised approach to self-pay healthcare. Consultants and their teams can take advantage of logistical support and practice management tools, while their patients are supported throughout their healthcare journey by a personal Patient Care Adviser.

Patients can discuss their care with their PCA, book treatments online, and access transparent information about pricing and procedures. Medbelle will coordinate further specialist treatment with local private hospitals and providers. The benefits of digitalisation are especially pronounced for those living in remote areas, as patients only have to travel to physical hospitals when necessary.


How Aberdeen Orthopaedics and Medbelle helped Anna

Anna's ACL injury went undiagnosed for six months before she was referred to Medbelle and Aberdeen Orthopaedics. She thought she might never walk her dog again, but collaboration between Medbelle, her surgeon James Bidwell, and physiotherapists, led to a full recovery.

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All of the Network’s surgeons are now partnered with Medbelle, which means their patients can take advantage of all of these benefits, improving their experience and giving them more time to focus on preparing for and recovering from their treatment.

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‘Our network has always aimed to improve the patient experience by adopting the latest equipment or surgical techniques. This approach should also apply to other aspects of patient care, like support with logistics, the referral process, and transparent guidance. This partnership with Medbelle allows us to continue improving the patient experience.’
James Bidwell, specialist lower limb surgeon and member of Aberdeen Orthopaedics

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Private patients often have to deal with a fragmented sector, in which they must arrange their own appointments and scans, with referrals between specialists causing delays as documentation is not always shared automatically or electronically.

These issues are equally felt by clinicians, as collaboration between specialists is hindered, and time is taken up with unnecessary logistical headaches. Because Medbelle guides patients across their entire care journey, from initial inquiry through to aftercare, it also gives clinicians access to far better information about patient outcomes. Medbelle’s technology allows these outcomes to be analysed, giving clinicians the opportunity to assess the impact of different treatments and continually improve patient care.

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‘The vast clinical experience of Aberdeen Orthopaedics will play an important role in Medbelle’s mission to improve access to high-quality private healthcare. As more people rely on private treatment, it’s more important than ever that the sector enhances patient support.’

Dan Howcroft, Medbelle’s Chief Medical Officer

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