Pam Simpson

Pam is a fully qualified physiotherapist at our partner, Physio First. She uses her experience within the sector and knowledge of training and teaching medical professionals to support our content production team and peer-review all of our medical content.

Medbelle positionChartered Physiotherapist
Pam Simpson


Pam is a fully qualified physiotherapist with one of our primary care partners, Physio First. At Medbelle, she also utilises her vast career and experience within the healthcare sector to support and produce medical pages and content for patients. As well as employing her own knowledge as a healthcare professional, she uses comprehensive and up-to-date information and guidance to ensure all content has reliable and high-quality information. She has been a member of Physio First for over 35 years, and in that time, Pam has held multiple senior positions, including chairperson of the group.

In addition, she has led courses and presented on international stages, training and teaching healthcare professionals patient-centric materials. Pam continues to be passionate about patient education and sharing her wealth of knowledge to benefit patients.

Responsibilities as a Medbelle Author

As part of the Physio First physiotherapist team in partnership with Medbelle, Pam creates and peer-reviews medically accurate and informative content for patients, including website pages, treatment guides and articles.

  • Author - writing content, using up-to-date resources and specialist knowledge and experience to create high-quality content for patients
  • Peer-review medical content - an important process in ensuring content written by the physiotherapist team guarantees accuracy and quality is maintained.
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