Medbelle and Physio First Announce Partnership

One of the largest physiotherapy groups in the country, we are proud to partner with Physio First to change the way patients use healthcare and create a value-based model that works for everyone

Medbelle and Physio First Announce Partnership

Medbelle and Physio First have partnered to make their shared vision a reality. Together, we want to change the way patients use healthcare and create a value-based model that works for everyone. There are many aspects to orthopaedic care, and with partnerships such as these, we’re able to form a connection between all parties involved to ensure patients receive the best quality treatment. 

Physio First is a not-for-profit trade association of self-employed private physiotherapists with over 2500 members across the UK, thus allowing vast numbers of patients to access much-needed care. From this partnership, Medbelle will improve access to physiotherapy for our patients at all stages in their orthopaedic journey. Physio First Quality Assured clinics (QAC) and those working towards this valued Kitemark will be able to support their patients by accessing Medbelle’s expert surgeon network to offer to all their patients any necessary secondary care, including surgery while ensuring a transparent communication process between physiotherapists & surgeons to deliver simpler, smarter and more personal care to all patients. Patients also benefit from having a seamless and personal patient journey as the patient is guaranteed to be referred back to their physiotherapist for any required physiotherapy. 


In addition, Medbelle patients that require physiotherapy post-operatively but do not yet have a physiotherapist can benefit from a referral to our partner physiotherapist QAC should the location and availability suit their needs. Information stored centrally via Medbelle’s digital app makes the patient’s transition from surgery to post-operative physiotherapy smooth and simple for all involved. Furthermore, patient outcomes can be set and agreed on by all parties involved in their care, so they continue to work towards the same goal and support every aspect of their treatment.

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“Physio First and Medbelle share the same goals, to improve patient outcomes and make healthcare accessible to all. Our partnership will enable QAC s to collect pre and post-treatment outcomes in our Medbelle Patient Management System.  We are very excited about this partnership. Physio First plays an important role in the physical therapy industry, and we are happy to be able to support their members.” 

Dr Lizzie Tuckey, Chief Commercial Officer, Medbelle

Once referred to Medbelle, all Physio First QAC patients will also receive support and guidance from a dedicated Medbelle Patient Care Adviser that will arrange all of their secondary care needs with our highly qualified and experienced surgeons.

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“We’re excited about this new collaboration with Medbelle; bridging the gap between primary and secondary care is a huge factor in moving towards value-based care. We look forward to seeing how the relationship develops and the ability to measure the data of each and every patient journey.”

Karen Lay, Chair of Physio First

Both Medbelle and Physio First’s commitment to value-based care is demonstrated by physiotherapists being rewarded for the quality of care provided to their patients. In our mission to raise the standard of healthcare for all, this partnership will benefit thousands of patients with seamless and personal patient care and access to the very best in both primary and secondary care.

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