Large Breasts and their Effect on the Neck & Shoulders

Due to the size and weight of large breasts, they can cause pain and discomfort to the neck and shoulders, however, these complaints can be rectified.

Large Breasts and their Effect on the Neck & Shoulders

Medical Review by Chief Commercial Officer, Dr. Lizzie Tuckey , MBBS, BA

Published: Friday 7 June 2024

Large breasts can be problematic for various reasons, and they can really affect the quality of life for the individual. The neck and shoulders carry the majority of the weight of the breasts and, as such, develop serious health issues.

As someone who has had large breasts from the age of 17, I, too, have experienced some of the negatives linked to having a big bust. At present, I'm wearing a 34J, that's eight sizes larger than the UK average. I can completely sympathise with those struggling with their day to day activities due to their bra size.

Neck Pain and Large Breasts

Large breasts often cause neck pain. We all know how uncomfortable it is to lug a heavy bag around with you, the strain on your shoulders, the pull in your neck and the general frustration in having to carry it around all day. Now imagine this bag is permanent, attached to you 24/7. That's how many people with large breasts live their lives. An E cup breast weighs around 1kg. That's an extra 2kg of weight on your chest that then, in turn, needs to be supported by a bra.

This extra weight can cause the individual to slouch, which affects posture leading to tension in the neck, shooting nerve pain and jarring. Furthermore, large breasts have been linked to migraines and tension headaches due to extra stress placed on the neck, head and shoulders.

Personally, I struggle with my posture and have to make an effort to sit up straight, but it can be very hard to maintain throughout the day.

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Shoulder Pain and Large Breasts

Bras are often vital for people with large breasts to help support their bust as they go about their day. Not wearing one can be worse than wearing one, especially when it comes to physical activity like stairs or running for the train. The downside is having to wear a bra for most of your day and even sleeping in one.

The straps required to hold a bust of D and above often dig into the shoulders, creating nerve problems, indentations and in some extreme cases, it can affect the soft tissue in the shoulder. Shoulder pain caused by large breasts is a widespread complaint with long term consequences.

Alleviating problems caused by large breasts

In addition to neck and shoulder pain, patients often report experiencing back pain caused by their large breasts. Breast reduction surgery can actively tackle neck, shoulder and back pain issues by removing excess skin and tissue, reducing the size and weight of the breasts.

Life doesn't have to be difficult because of the size of your breasts. Having breast reduction surgery not only positively affects neck and shoulder pain and discomfort but can also offer up a new sense of confidence in one's body.

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