8 Milestones achieved at Medbelle in 8 years

We’re proud to be celebrating 8 years of Medbelle! Here are 8 of our greatest achievements since our inception in 2016.

8 Milestones achieved at Medbelle in 8 years

It all began in 2016 with a vision of using technology to provide patients with better care at lower costs. 8 years later Medbelle has grown into the UK’s first digital hospital, providing better quality healthcare through exceptional patient service and smarter, more intuitive technology. To celebrate the eventful journey of the last 8 years, we’re reflecting on 8 of our greatest milestones.


1. Industry-leading patient satisfaction | Net Promoter Score +89

Medbelle co-founders Leander de Laporte and Daniel Kolb founded Medbelle in 2016 with a simple mission: providing simpler, smarter, and more personal healthcare for everybody.

Fast-forward 8 years and Medbelle is an industry-leading healthcare provider. By combining patient-centric care with technology Medbelle is continuously working to ensure the patient experience is organised, personalised and seamless.

Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) based on satisfaction surveys is +89, exceeding the healthcare average of +27. This score is calculated by subtracting the percentage of customers who rate us between 0-6 (Detractors) from those who rate us between 9-10 (Promoters) and shows that patients love the Medbelle service.

"For Medbelle, we’ve always had the same ambitions and values since the start: Use technology to enable better experiences, better outcomes, and higher efficiency in secondary care." - Leander de Laporte, Medbelle CEO and co-founder.


2. Partner of choice for 160+ consultant practices

Our surgeon network has grown rapidly, and we’re now supporting more than 160 practices across the nation. This growth has been fuelled by our unique healthcare model, allowing consultants to control their practice with a full focus on care provision while Medbelle supports their patients before, during, and after treatment.

We're continually growing our network month-on-month, providing practice insights, technology, patient volume, and growth opportunities to private practices across the country.

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3. Award-winning Patient Care to over 200,000 patients

From the beginning, our Patient Care Team has prioritised raising the standard of patient care, providing the kind of care we'd want our own friends and family to receive.

With a combination of high-quality medical information from our treatment pages and articles, along with personalised support from our Patient Care Advisers for each and every patient, we've assisted over 200,000 patients across various specialties.

Our dedication has earned us 500+ 5 star reviews on Trustpilot from satisfied patients.

Proud Winners of the WhatClinic Patient Service Award 2023

Recognising exceptional patient care in the areas of communication, promptness, politeness, helpfulness and customer service, alongside patient feedback.

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“I recently underwent knee surgery through Medbelle, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the entire process. From the beginning to the post-operative care, everything was handled seamlessly.” - Daniele's Knee Replacement, March 2024


4. Launch of Medbelle OS, our bespoke Practice Management System

For the past 8 years, we've collaborated closely with surgeons to understand their needs for efficient practice management and business growth. This led to the development of a comprehensive practice management and workflow automation software system, Medbelle OS.

Medbelle OS is tailored to the needs of consultant surgeon practices and offers practice management essentials along with a diagnostics integration, time-saving features such as dictated clinic letters, growth features like website-integrated online booking, and insights into clinical trends and commercial performance.

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5. 3000 surgeries across 10 specialities | Reducing costs for our patients and payers

We have expanded our offering to help patients for many clinical needs, and we’ve now supported 200,000+ patients through 3000 surgeries.

Reflecting the Medbelle commitment to making healthcare accessible to all, the cost savings from our innovative business model and custom-built technology are always passed on to our patients and third-party payers. We have consistently prioritised providing competitive, transparent and reliable pricing, ensuring favourable cost confidence for all patients across the UK.

Sarah O’Connel-Block, Medbelle Head of Patient Pathways:

“For me, ‘raising the standard of healthcare’ means involving the patient more in their own journey. At Medbelle, we are building pathways that give patients full transparency about every step.”


6. Placing clinical outcomes at the forefront with automated PROMs

Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) are crucial for improving healthcare standards and ensuring the highest quality care, yet the approach to data collection varies and is often not standardised or easily available to clinicians. Challenges persist in maintaining high return rates of PROM questionnaires, even though they are essential for evaluating treatment effectiveness and services.

As a digitally-driven company, our goal was to enhance PROMs collection and provide clear, effective patient feedback. We implemented automated questionnaires and personalised explanations from Personal Care Advisers, resulting in a >100% increase in pre-operative completion rates within weeks of the project beginning, as well as substantially higher collection rates than in the NHS.

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7. Nationwide Primary Care Network established

We’re proud to have partnered with over 30 primary care partners across 100+ healthcare sites nationwide.

With our network of primary and secondary care professionals, we’re working towards a connected healthcare system with one central platform for an integrated referral system, imaging that can be arranged at the click of a button and patient access to local, bespoke physiotherapy options.

Our belief in continuity of care across clinicians inspired the creation of the Medbelle Referral Portal, allowing primary care referrers to easily refer patients to specialists while being updated on their progress within the same interface used by surgeons for patient management.


8. Corporate and Third Party Payer partnerships

Healthcare is a complex industry relying on many third parties working together - but it is often so fragmented they can't collaborate efficiently.

Over time, we have started to work with corporate partners, such as medicolegal and case management companies, cash plan insurers, health trust funds and more. Medbelle provides them with streamlined secondary care provision which saves time, reduces administrative burden and delivers pricing confidence and lower overall costs.

We’ve additionally improved their patients’ experiences with smoother and more efficient pathways, providing added benefits such as reducing their stress or time off from work.

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