Charity Appeal for The Royal Voluntary Service

This Christmas, we are raising money for the Royal Voluntary Service, a brilliant charity with a long history of helping those in need.

Charity Appeal for The Royal Voluntary Service

Written by Cory Jones

Published: Thursday 26 August 2021

We are proud to introduce our Winter Charity Appeal for the Royal Voluntary Service. Over the last month and into the new year, the Medbelle team are busying themselves with various fundraising ideas to raise money for a great cause.

Founded in 1938, the RVS has a rich history of volunteering and social care. Today, in every corner of Britain, they mobilise volunteers to support those in need, in hospitals and in the community. They assist with the transportation of elderly or high-risk to and from the hospital or to important medical appointments. They help with groceries, deliver medication or prescriptions and are taking steps towards helping those dealing with isolation throughout this time, like, for example, in their virtual village hall initiative.

We believe that their selfless work is all the more important during the winter months of the pandemic. Last year impacted all walks of life. None more than the vulnerable and elderly. Social isolation is commonplace for high-risk groups, and day-to-day activities or necessities have been made far more difficult. Britain’s essential services have become stretched to the point of crisis throughout the last months, and services like the RVS are stepping up to make sure that those in need of care are being given the support they need.

Members of our team have become personally aware of the impact of lockdowns on many of our patients. We have heard stories of patients having to wait as they seek transportation to orthopaedic procedures or consultations. Hearing these stories has motivated us to help not only our patients but people across the United Kingdom experiencing similar holdups on their journeys to improving their lives or receiving urgent care.

Medbelle wants to do something for the community this Christmas, and we feel that the Royal Voluntary Service perfectly encapsulates our desire to care for and help people improve their lives. The Royal Voluntary Service is helping to take some strain off the NHS’s essential services and devolve responsibilities to communities and volunteers. Through this kind of social prescribing and the Royal Voluntary Service’s selfless care, they are helping the people who need it most and Britain’s healthcare sector in two powerful and important ways. We appreciate the work they have done over the years and through this pandemic.

Over the next month, the Medbelle team is taking up numerous fundraising initiatives. We are excited to take part in everything from cake sales and bakeoffs to sponsored sports and competitions in the workplace. We have already had great success from a sale of homemade kimchi and chutneys, which raised over €100. We look to continue the fundraising throughout December and into the new year when we will host a charity raffle and continue to dream up inventive ways to raise funds for this brilliant charity.

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