Digital healthcare revolution arrives in Peterborough with new partnership

A new partnership is bringing the benefits of digital healthcare to physiotherapy patients in Peterborough.

##Digital healthcare## revolution arrives in Peterborough with new partnership

Medbelle has joined forces with Emma Cranfield Physiotherapy and Pilates in Peterborough, making it easier for patients who need further care, such as surgery, to be referred or to seek individual support from a Patient Care Adviser.

Changing a fragmented sector

Many physiotherapy patients will also need surgical intervention, and to aid recovery and promote better healing, pre-and post-operative physiotherapy is often medically recommended.

The UK’s commonly fragmented sector means it is often difficult for clinicians to refer their patients. This causes administrative headaches and delays and affects continuity of care, as patients often get redirected by the hospital or insurance pathways instead of being referred back to their original physio.

Medbelle uses patient-centred technology to change this. As part of the Medbelle network, Emma Cranfield can now refer patients who need surgical intervention with a process that is more efficient and transparent. Medbelle patients are also assigned a Personal Care Adviser, who guides them through their treatment and helps to organise logistics.

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‘Often physiotherapy works in combination with other interventions, and It is great to be able to offer a full package for those that need treatments beyond physiotherapy. This partnership gives me assurance that Medbelle can help get my patients to the right consultants and receive the support they need along their entire care pathway.’

Emma Cranfield

Emma Cranfield Physiotherapy and Pilates is based in Folksworth, and services include support for spinal problems, mechanical diagnosis, Mckenzie therapy, and pilates. Emma brings the benefits of seventeen years of experience to her patients, which includes working at the 2012 Olympic Games, and in the NHS as an Advanced Practitioner for spinal surgery.

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‘Quality healthcare should enable excellent clinicians to connect, but too often, a fragmented and low-tech system puts barriers in the way. Digital healthcare can help fix this problem. Medbelle patients and partner clinicians do not have to deal with the administration and paperwork required when referring patients. Now Emma Cranfield’s physio patients can take advantage of this as well.’

Sarah McGee, Medbelle's Primary Care Partnership Manager

Emma said: ‘I have worked in elite sport and competed to a high level myself as a triathlete, giving me a great understanding of the care that athletes need. My experience in the NHS has helped me to understand the type of conditions that will benefit from surgical intervention.’

As well as physiotherapists, Medbelle’s network includes experienced consultants around the country. Because Medbelle provides the services of a hospital digitally, the patient experience is more efficient, while clinicians are better connected to each other and to their patients.

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