Get to know Niall and Shauna, Partnerships Managers

As Partnerships Managers, Niall and Shauna meet surgeons around the country and learn first-hand what challenges they are facing. Find out what they love about the job, and what it's taught them about the future of healthcare

##Get to know## Niall and Shauna, Partnerships Managers

Where did you work before you joined Medbelle?

Niall: I worked at Spire as a Business Development Manager, and I have previous account management experience in the respiratory and urology portfolios in the pharmaceutical industry.

Shauna: I worked at Stryker as a Territory Sales Manager in the spine division

What attracted you to work for Medbelle?

Niall: The company goals fall in line with a lot of how I want healthcare to be. I have seen first-hand the incomplete package that patients can get from previous roles, so to work for a company which focuses on giving patients and surgeons a fairer option is such an exciting journey to be a part of.

Shauna: For me, improving patient experience is huge. Navigating healthcare can be tricky and stressful for patients, so anything we can do to help that is great. Also working on changing some of the key problems that exist with current healthcare models

"To work for a company which focuses on giving patients and surgeons a fairer option is such an exciting journey to be a part of."

What is the most interesting aspect of the job?

Niall: Listening to the needs of surgeons on how we can help elevate them, their patients and their practice.

Shauna: Yeah, it’s got to be the conversations with surgeons and discussing how our offer can help them and their patients.

What are the key challenges or concerns surgeons are telling you about?

Niall: Lack of availability of clinic space and theatre lists. Surgeons are wanting to see as many patients as they can. Hospital staff are working flat out, but there is an issue with clinic and theatre space for some surgeons.

Shauna: Time is a big one: they are busy people with lots of patients and admin to manage. So anything we can do to help them focus on their patients is great.

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What sort of feedback have you received from surgeons about Medbelle?

Niall: Medbelle surgeons feel as though their patients get a full package of support. They can see the benefits for themselves, their admin teams and of course their patients. It saves them time, increases their earnings and gives them peace of mind as we work as an extension to their practice.

Shauna: Their patients get a more supported experience with additional benefits, improving their value of care.

How does Medbelle benefit healthcare professionals?

What are the challenges involved in pitching a new approach to healthcare and how do you overcome these?

Niall: The fact it’s a novel idea and a new way of working in private healthcare, as well as the fact that many of the problems we’re solving are so common they can become almost invisible to the people working in healthcare.

Shauna: There are so many great elements of our model it’s hard to know where to start! I think it’s important to understand what’s important to the surgeon and focus on the current problems they may be experiencing. Helping surgeons see how our model can work to address these and work specifically for them really helps.

"At Medbelle people are always open to new ideas and we are constantly reviewing and improving what we do."

How does this role differ from your previous jobs?

Niall: I have previously worked for larger companies which can seem a bit faceless at times. Working at Medbelle as a Partnerships Manager allows me to be the bright personality that I am and it is seen as a skill. Also selling a service instead of a product is a large change but one I have fully embraced.

Shauna: I was previously selling a product and spending time in theatre, whereas this is selling a concept and service. It’s also very different working for a smaller company in a huge growth phase; it’s very fast paced. At Medbelle people are always open to new ideas and we are constantly reviewing and improving what we do.

What do you think healthcare will look like in ten years?

Niall: I believe healthcare will be less archaic with the implementation of technology and more streamlined with companies like Medbelle able to make positive changes. Things like helping surgeons to make healthcare more personalised as we move to a more value-based approach using data about patient outcomes.

Shauna: I think it will be much more efficient and personalised with technology having a big part to play. Whether that be through automations to reduce admin, a more seamless journey for patients or using data to advise patients and improve outcomes.

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