Medbelle is proud to announce our partnership with myGP

Integrating digital primary and digital secondary care for simpler, smarter and more personal healthcare for everyone.

Medbelle is proud to announce our partnership with myGP

Written by Partnerships Onboarding Manager, Ms. Julia Moss-Pearson , BA Psych/Linguistics

Published: Friday 26 January 2024

Raising the Standards of Healthcare

We believe that all patients deserve better. This new partnership between myGP, one of the leading digital primary care platforms in the UK, and Medbelle, the digital hospital of the future, brings together myGP and Medbelle’s underlying goal: simplifying access to healthcare and provide better quality healthcare to every patient. Supported by innovative technology and unparalleled personalised patient care, myGP users now have access to a new level of orthopaedic care, all starting from the myGP app.

myGP users seeking orthopaedic care now benefit from a fast, simple and personalised end-to-end experience. With faster access to exclusive appointments with Medbelle’s leading orthopaedic surgeons, supported by the Medbelle web app, patients can navigate their orthopaedic journey from one easily accessible profile. All with free personalised one-to-one support and expert advice from their dedicated healthcare adviser: before, during and after their procedure. With efficiency enabled by technology, Medbelle provides honest and reliable advice to create a seamless and personalised healthcare experience for all myGP users.

We believe that the integration of digital primary care and digital secondary care through this partnership enables every single patient to have simplified access to a level of healthcare that can be described as a ‘next-generation healthcare experience’.

Intuitive technology paired with exceptional patient care and support provide a level of access never before captured in the healthcare industry. The fusion of digital primary and secondary care is a key factor in our mission to raise the standard of healthcare and make it accessible to all.

Primary care platforms like myGP are empowering patients with digital tools and consultations to access their GPs in a better way, manage their prescriptions and improve preventative care. As many patients have turned to these solutions during COVID-19, they have become an integral part of the healthcare system.” - Leander de Laporte (CEO, Medbelle)

In the realm of digital secondary care, Medbelle provides a fast, personalised, transparent and digital-first solution to all patients. Beginning with immediate and personalised guidance from a personal healthcare adviser, ending with treatment from one of Medbelle’s handpicked leading UK orthopaedic surgeons, and constantly supported by our web-based app and Virtual Consultation Platform, patients’ orthopaedic journey is simpler and faster than ever.

During COVID-19, digital innovations in the healthcare sector have improved patient safety. Virtual appointments and support allow patients to minimise physical contact, ensuring the highest level of patient protection as we continue to navigate this pandemic. The combination of primary and secondary care provided by myGP and Medbelle alike enables a digital-first patient journey from beginning to end - one we would expect for ourselves.

And this is only the beginning. As millions of patients now trust digital platforms to support their healthcare journeys, we believe that the bar has been set for the level of integration expected in any patient experience. Acting for a better future, we intend to continue to raise the standard of healthcare. Together, we can leverage technology to accurately track the quality of patient care and experience whilst reducing costs of the healthcare system, resulting in efficient and optimal care for every patient.

For myGP users and all patients seeking the highest quality and simple orthopaedic care, Medbelle is proud to provide a personalised solution.

About Medbelle

Medbelle is building the digital hospital of the future, providing elective medical procedures with a fully digitised, personal and patient-first experience. We are here to raise the standard of secondary care and make it accessible to all. We believe that all patients deserve better, and we are rebuilding the patient experience for elective medical procedures from scratch (currently orthopaedic & cosmetic surgery). We recruit world-class surgeons and rent operating space from selected facilities - while providing an outstanding, digital-first and transparent patient experience and friendly personnel on hand to guide every step of the way. We build technology that integrates the entire patient journey for providers to reduce costs, make their lives much easier and, therefore, improve elective procedures across the quadruple aim: better outcomes, better patient experience, lower costs, better provider experience.

About myGP

The UK’s largest independent healthcare management app, ‘myGP’ are leaders in digital healthcare and are committed to helping all patients’ have access to the right care by the right healthcare professional. Their sole ethos is to simplify access to healthcare. The myGP app lets you book GP appointments, order repeat prescriptions and set up medication reminders on your smartphone, thereby improving access to digital healthcare for nearly 2 million NHS patients. Their utilisation of technology and focus on a seamless patient experience offers simple and specialist care to all patients.

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