Medbelle surgeon network continues rapid growth

The number of expert surgeons in the nationwide Medbelle network has quickly reached 130, offering patients unprecedented choice wherever they are

Medbelle surgeon network continues rapid growth

Medbelle’s network of expert surgeons continues to reach new milestones, with 120 consultants now working with the UK’s leading digital healthcare provider, giving country-wide coverage and unprecedented choice to patients.

The network has grown rapidly, with 130 surgeons joining since June 2022 when the network was opened to all orthopaedic consultants. Fifty consultants had joined the network by October, with the number reaching 100 in May and reaching 130 in August of this year.

Unique model for consultants

The growth has been fuelled by Medbelle’s unique model for healthcare, which gives consultants the freedom to control their practice and deliver care in their own way, while Medbelle supports their patients before, during, and after treatment.

Surgeons who are part of the Medbelle network retain their independence, receiving their full fees and deciding the fairest price for their procedures. But they also benefit from the efficiencies of a nationwide, digitalised hospital service: consistent and transparent costs, comprehensive patient support, and intuitive practice management software automatically taking care of administration and collecting patient outcomes.

How Medbelle benefits your practice

'Vote of confidence'

Joe Ashley, Medbelle's Head of Provider Partnerships said: ‘Every surgeon joining our network is a vote of confidence in the Medbelle model for healthcare, which is centred around clinicians and their patients.

‘This isn’t just a question of growth, though. What we’re really interested in is working closely with the surgeons who join our network, adapting our model and improving our support based on their feedback. Excellent healthcare is about collaboration, and as our network continues to grow, we have more expertise to draw on in our mission to improve healthcare.’

surgeons in medbelle network

Benefits for patients

Medbelle patients always have a choice of locations and surgeons for their procedures.

Patients are given in-depth information about each surgeon by their personal Patient Care Adviser (PCA), who guides them through their entire healthcare journey.

Having one PCA as their point of contact throughout their care also means patients can focus on their recovery without the additional stress of chasing up things like appointment details or test results. Likewise, consultants benefit because their patients are taken care of in the run-up and after surgery.

Better-prepared patients are more likely to have better outcomes, while the surgeons themselves are able to focus on delivering the best possible care.

'Focused on continual improvement'

Joe said: ‘The Medbelle model for healthcare is built around this idea that what is beneficial for surgeons is almost certainly beneficial for patients as well. Unfortunately, the traditional way of doing things has often developed over a very long time and doesn’t necessarily reflect what is best for surgeons or patients.

‘We are seeing a growing number of clinicians frustrated with the old way of doing things and choosing to join Medbelle’s healthcare revolution. We won’t be resting on our laurels, though: we are focused on continual improvement for our surgeons and patients.’

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