National MRI Scan & Medbelle Partnership Announcement

We’re pleased to announce our newest partnership with National MRI Scan. Together we are providing fast access to the highest quality secondary care.

National MRI Scan & Medbelle Partnership Announcement

In our ongoing mission to raise the standard of healthcare for all, we’re pleased to announce our newest partnership with National MRI Scan. Together we are providing fast access to the highest quality secondary care. With National MRI Scan offering over 100 locations for the state of the art imaging and our experienced surgeon network for treatment; this is a natural partnership for both parties which pride themselves on providing the best patient experience.

An important part of a patient’s orthopaedic journey starts with scans and imaging and can light the way as to the best course of treatment. This is why it’s so crucial for us here at Medbelle to ensure all patients have quick and easy access to scans. National MRI Scan is the only direct to market provider in the UK and by working together we’re making healthcare more accessible to everyone. As we are now National MRI Scan’s preferred secondary care partner, we are able to offer their patients a smooth patient experience from their scan to treatment with access to highly qualified and experienced surgeons.

“We’re delighted to join with Medbelle in this combined effort to bring high-quality healthcare to more and more patients. The digitisation of the patient journey and a clear dedication to value-based care is the driving force behind this partnership.”

CEO, Charlie Bullock

How our partnership works

With Medbelle and National MRI Scan’s partnership, patients are able to have diagnostic imaging within their local area at a price that suits their budget. They can rest assured that together, we’re here to take care of all aspects of their orthopaedic treatment, including scans, referrals, any necessary surgery and physiotherapy.

“We are really excited to partner with National MRI to help our patients get access to fast imaging. Early diagnosis, intervention and rehabilitation is key to good recovery for our patients.”

Chief Commercial Officer, Dr Lizzie Tuckey

After patients receive their imaging results, they are discussed with a radiologist, so the patient understands what the scans show and has clarity of the recommended next steps. An aspect of the patient experience we are particularly proud of is that National MRI Scan patients requiring a second opinion or treatment are supported by a dedicated Medbelle Patient Care Adviser throughout their journey.

In this symbiotic relationship, the patient journey is simple and stress-free and ensures that patients have fast access to high-quality scans and expert surgeons, all with seamless patient care throughout.

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