How long will I be away from work after breast reduction surgery?

You will need anywhere from one to two or more weeks away from work depending on how labour-intensive your job is.

Your surgeon will be able to advise you how much time you will need to take off.

Generally, if your work is based in an office and does not involve any lifting, strenuous walking, or other physical activity, you will likely only need to be away for a maximum of a week and a half. Some Medbelle breast reduction patients feel ready to go back to office work in as little as 4 or 5 days.

If your work is more intensive, meaning the majority of your day is spent standing, walking, or moving, you will probably need to take at least two full weeks away.

After two weeks, you will only be able to resume very light duties for at least a week to ensure you continue healing well. You can learn more about breast reduction aftercare here.

Published: October 28th, 2020