Breast Reduction Scar Care Plan with Mr Foiz Ahmed

Following breast reduction surgery you're going to want to care for your scars to minimise their visibility, here's how.

Breast Reduction Scar Care Plan with Mr Foiz Ahmed

One of the main concerns patients express is that of scarring following breast reduction surgery. Scars are unavoidable to a degree; however, following a strict scar care plan, you can minimise scars and help your breasts heal quickly. We spoke to our London surgeon and breast specialist, Mr Foiz Ahmed, about his recommendations for scar care after breast reduction surgery.

Mr Foiz's Scar Care Plan Following Breast Reduction Surgery:

  1. Leave dressings on until a nurse reviews your progress at week one during your follow-up appointment.
  2. Remove dressings in week two.
  3. All being well at week two, massage scars thoroughly and regularly - moisturise with something that contains vitamin E, and work into the skin in firm circles along the length of the scars.
  4. Wear compression/support bra for six weeks after surgery.
  5. Silicone scar gel is useful for abnormal scarring but not necessarily advantageous for normal scars, healing well.
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It's important to remember that this is a general guideline scar care plan, and most patients will follow this; however, it's your personalised recovery plan you should adhere to. Your surgeon will have a much better grasp of your situation and what's necessary for you. For instance, black skin may require more attention following breast reduction surgery.

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