Breast Lift Surgery Risks and Complications FAQs

Breast Lift Surgery Risks and Complications FAQs

Will a Breast Lift Affect My Ability to Breastfeed?

You will very likely still be able to breastfeed after your breast uplift (on the assumption that you were able to breastfeed before surgery). If you have plans to become pregnant or breastfeed after your operation, you must discuss this with your surgeon because breastfeeding can alter your long-term breast lift results.

Breast lift surgery requires incisions to be made on the breast and around the nipple. These areas are very close to the milk ducts, glands, and nerves of the breast, so there is a small chance they may be damaged during surgery. If the milk ducts or glands are damaged, you may find breastfeeding difficult and may produce less milk overall.

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