Why is the final price for my breast reduction different from my original price quote?

The price quotes available on our website (that may have been discussed with you in your initial call with your Patient Care Adviser) are base prices that represent the average price for a breast reduction by a specific surgeon at a specific hospital.

It is important to keep in mind that the final price given to you by your Medbelle Patient Care Adviser after your consultation can be lower or higher than this initial average quote.

This final price is based on the medical recommendations of your surgeon.

Your specific treatment needs (including combining multiple procedures and any recommended overnight stays at the hospital) are factored into this final price. Learn more about breast reduction pricing with Medbelle here.

The price given to you by your Patient Care Adviser after your consultation is your total, final price. Once you confirm your surgery date and pay a 10% deposit, your final price is locked.

Confirming your final price with a deposit protects you from any increases in hospital fees, even if your procedure will not take place for several months.

This is good to keep in mind because, while rare, hospitals can change their fees without warning. This can change the price of your procedure from £70 to £200 or more in an instant.

If you are originally booked for a daycase, meaning you’re allowed to leave the hospital the same day, but your surgeon deems it is medically necessary for you to stay overnight after your surgery, Medbelle will cover the cost of this overnight stay.

Published: October 28th, 2020