How long after breast reduction surgery can I take a flight?

It's vital to discuss this with your Medbelle surgeon as different flights and destinations have varying restrictions, but in general, breast reduction patients are recommended to follow these guidelines:

  • Short (less than 3 hours) & Mid Haul (less than 5 hours) Flights:

Do not take short & mid-haul flights for 2-4 weeks post-operatively.

  • Long Haul Flights (more than 6 hours):

Do not take long-haul flights for 4-6 weeks post-operatively.

There are risks associated with flying too soon after surgery including deep vein thrombosis, you can find out more about post-operative risks here. You'll be able to discuss post-op travel with your surgeon in consultation as it's important you attend your necessary post-operative appointments and minimise post-operative risks and complications.

Published: October 27th, 2020