What kind of post-op garment do I need after breast reduction surgery?

When it comes to post-op garments or bras, it is important to follow the instructions and recommendations of your surgeon.

Your compression garment can be a sports bra or a purpose-made post-surgery garment. Compression garments by the brand Macon are regularly recommended by Medbelle surgeons.

While each surgeon has their favourite brand or type, there are some basic features they agree on.

Generally, you should make sure your post-op garment:

  • Does not have underwires
  • Does not have padding
  • Closes at the front for easy dressing and undressing

If you are purchasing a sports bra to wear as your post-op garment, find one that is one or two sizes larger than your goal cup size to allow for swelling.

On the other hand, if you are purchasing a bra specifically made to be worn after surgery, purchase one in your goal size as the garment is designed to allow for swelling.

Keep in mind a dark colour fabric will hide any blood or fluid stains better than lighter shades.

Published: October 28th, 2020