Denis Murphy

Denis Murphy


Denis Murphy qualified from Keele University as a Chartered Physiotherapist with a Bsc in Physiotherapy and has 12 years of experience treating musculoskeletal disorders in NHS, sport and private practice settings.He has personal experience with most of the injuries that patients encounter, which makes Dennis ideal for rehabilitation. Dennis specialises in running related injuries, neck/shoulder conditions and chronic low back pain. Regular clients include anyone from the avid weekend runner to the elite Olympic marathon athlete. Denis is trained in the use of medical acupuncture, spinal manipulation and the application of Kinesio tape. In addition to this, a functional movement based approach is used to assess and treat many clients before their return to sporting activity. Denis has also completed a Pilates teaching qualification from the Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute.


Bsc Physiotherapy University of Keele "Keele 2008"



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