Medbelle's Professional Development Fund

Referring patients through the Medbelle Care Programme gives them added benefits and support and can earn you up to £1500 towards training, journals, conferences and more.

Medbelle's Professional Development Fund

Earn rewards with Medbelle referrals

Medbelle is committed to continually improving healthcare, and we know this is equally important to our surgeon partners. That’s why we’re launching a new fund, rewarding surgeons who join the network and refer their patients through the Medbelle Care Programme by contributing towards any aspect of their professional development.

Don’t want to receive the contribution yourself? Medbelle will donate the amount to the good cause of your choice - including the NHS.

The Professional Development Fund is available to surgeons who join the Medbelle network on or after 1 June 2023.

How it works

In line with our commitment to continual development, we will contribute more as you develop your relationship with us and refer more patients to the Medbelle Care Programme. You can earn up to £1500 towards professional development, as follows:

  • £500 for referring three self-pay patients who proceed with treatment through the Medbelle Care Programme
  • £500 when you reach eight patients
  • £500 when you reach fifteen patients

When you reach each milestone, your Partnerships Manager will contact you to let you know.

To receive your Professional Development Fund

  • Invoice Medbelle for the appropriate milestone amount and email your Partnerships Manager
  • Medbelle will send you the money for your continual development

Making the most of it

As a professional development contribution, this can be used on a wide variety of events, subscriptions, or products. Some examples are below, but it is not exhaustive. If you aren’t sure whether something would qualify, get in touch with your Partnerships Manager.

  • Subscriptions to journals such as the Journal of Trauma & Orthopaedics
  • Membership to professional bodies like RCP or RCS
  • Conferences and training courses
  • Clinical workshops
  • Costs associated with research

And remember, you can also choose to donate your fund to a charitable cause. This can include the NHS, which accepts public donations, or a related charity.

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Why is Medbelle offering this?

Medbelle’s mission is to make the best healthcare accessible to all, and to promote the continual improvement of healthcare through education. This fund helps to achieve both of these goals. By referring your patients through the Medbelle Care Programme, you are ensuring they receive the best possible care and support. And these contributions help you to achieve the continued professional development that is vital to excellent healthcare.

If you have any questions regarding surgeon referrals or the peer introduction programme, please contact your partnerships manager or email the Partnerships Team

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