Medbelle's Partnerships Team

Medbelle's Partnerships Team

In order for Medbelle to achieve its mission of raising the standard of healthcare for everyone, we recognise that without experienced and like-minded surgeons, clinicians, and healthcare professionals, it's impossible to reach. Our Partnerships team are responsible for the creation and maintenance of all relationships between all our clinicians and healthcare partners. They are always on hand to collaborate on ideas and developments that benefit the patient and the smooth-running of the clinician’s care. Assisted with Medbelle’s OS technology and the Medbelle Care Programme, the team are able to provide all our surgeons with the means to deliver the very best care to each and every patient.

The team is headed by Joe Ashley, who, as Head of Provider Partnerships, bridges the gap between our surgeons and our operations department, ensuring clear communication, feedback and development of all our processes. He supports the teams and maintains solid and mutually beneficial relationships with all our partners.

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Dan Howcroft, our Chief Medical Officer, provides us with invaluable insight into the surgeon’s experience. He’s able to relate to the needs and struggles of those working within the current framework of private healthcare, and with that, spot where we can change and improve the system to benefit all working within it.

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Niall Proctor is a Partnerships Executive, and he is responsible for onboarding surgeons and assisting their navigation of the Medbelle OS and Medbelle Care Programme. He develops and ensures the relationships he has with surgeons meets their needs and makes their work simpler, allowing them to deliver truly great care.


Shauna Chambers is also a Partnerships Executive Team Lead, using her skills and experience to provide all our partner surgeons with the support they need to provide the highest standard of care. She establishes working relationships with surgeons who identify with Medbelle’s mission and continues to nurture these collaborations, ensuring the surgeons gain the most out of what Medbelle has to offer.

Shauna, Medbelle Partnerships Manager

Simon Harby is Head of UK Relations and has decades of experience within the healthcare sector. He uses his knowledge to recognise key locations and specialities that would expand and strengthen the patient experience. Simon understands the needs of the clinicians, and he is eager to meet their requirements and raise the standard of the working environment for all of them.


Stuart Day is a Partnerships Manager here at Medbelle. He uses his expertise in private healthcare to enable consultants to get the most value from their private practice. With his knowledge of medical billing and practice management software, Stuart is able to advise our partners on how Medbelle can bring extra value to both their practice and their patients.

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Sarah McGee is our Primary Care Partnership Manager and is integral to us bridging the gap between primary and secondary care. She builds and maintains relationships with all our primary care providers and ensures they continue to play a role in the patient journey even after referral, allowing for a smooth transition for the patient and a simpler and smarter handover for the healthcare professionals involved in the patient’s care.

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Julia Moss-Pearson is our Partnerships Onboarding Manager, and she supports the whole team in the processing of all the necessary onboarding administration. She takes the stress out of the transition for surgeons by ensuring their profiles are active and up to date, their fees recorded and that they are fully adept with all the OS systems prior to referring patients. Julia liaises with secretaries and surgeons alike to ensure that all the fine-tuning details are taken care of.


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