Medbelle Announce Partnership with Bode Clinic

Medbelle's collaboration with Bode Clinic expands the reach of our networks and allows us to provide streamlined patient journeys across primary and secondary care

Medbelle Announce Partnership with Bode Clinic

Written by Chloe Gale

Published: Thursday, 9 June 2022

A new partnership between Medbelle and Bode Clinic will help improve outcomes for physiotherapy patients in Manchester while also expanding access to physiotherapy for Medbelle patients in the region.

Bode is a multi-award winning private medical clinic located in Manchester. Their specialist practitioners offer in-depth assessment and treatment tailored to each and every patient’s needs to ensure the best possible care is delivered. Their highly experienced professionals use the latest evidence-based practice and have a very hands-on approach to ensure all patients are gaining full effect from each treatment session. They offer advanced diagnostics and specialist treatments like injection therapy and post-op lymphatic drainage to speed up recovery and a return to fitness as quickly as possible.

This collaboration is a product of the Physio First Membership Scheme, part of Medbelle’s mission to provide greater access and choice of care to patients around the country, which in turn can improve patient outcomes. Partnerships such as this help Medbelle to merge a health system which is often too fragmented for patients to navigate.


“This partnership allows us both to expand the reach and care we are able to provide to patients. It’s a two-way system that benefits all patients: Medbelle’s technology can be used by Bode to track patient outcomes, further improving patient experience, while Medbelle patients now have greater access to high-quality physiotherapy care in the region.”

Sarah McGee, Primary Care Partnerships Manager, Medbelle

Medbelle’s technology provides a streamlined journey for patients from primary to necessary secondary care, and because it tracks the entire patient journey, Bode physiotherapists will gain greater insights into patient outcomes, supporting both organisations’ shared ethos for value-based care.

Kristen (1)

“We are impressed with how Medbelle has built their reputation and business, and we’re excited to help expand access for patients in the North West. We’re looking forward to working together with Medbelle and the community they are building between consultants and physiotherapists.”

Kristin Wika Paulsen, Head Physio & Company Director at Bode Clinic

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