Arm Lift Surgery in London

Arm Lift Surgery in London


Overnight stay

0 to 2 Nights


Local with Sedation or General

Recovery time

6 to 9 Months

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Whether it’s from advancing age or simply because you’re more genetically inclined towards it, sagging upper arms can be frustrating to deal with. If you would like a sleeker, smoother appearance on your upper arms, an arm lift procedure can help you achieve it. Results depend on surgeon skill; this is why it’s so important to select only the very best surgeon for your work. Medbelle surgeons are leaders in their field and can help you achieve your dreams with procedures that are both safe and effective.

Choose Medbelle for your Arm Lift in London

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Medbelle surgeons

There’s simply no better choice than a Medbelle surgeon. Each is trained in the UK, a BAAPS/BAPRAS member, and has at least 10 years of experience as a practising plastic surgeon. Certified to the highest standards and renowned in their respective niches for providing excellent results and top-notch patient support, a Medbelle surgeon will take you step by step through your dream procedure. You can be confident of their expertise, and that they’ll select only the safest, most effective techniques to give you quality results.

Our Arm Lift surgeons in London

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Medbelle Locations in London

When you choose a Medbelle facility for your arm lift in London, you choose excellence. Easily accessible, competitively priced, and tastefully designed, all of our locations are fully equipped on-site for the best possible patient experience. Fully trained and compassionate staff are on hand to ensure your recovery is as easy and relaxed as possible. You’ll be in safe hands throughout, knowing Medbelle’s expert surgeons are there to fully support you, pre-and post-surgery.

Featured Medbelle Locations in London

One Hatfield Hospital is a smart choice for those who appreciate the latest technology and the very best in facilities. Modern architecture and luxury en suite rooms guarantee a patient experience that puts One Hatfield well above the competition.

Cadogan Clinic is a multiple award-winning centre that prides itself on being consistently ranked as one of London’s best facilities. With an impressive history and an ongoing commitment to innovation, Cadogan continues to offer cutting-edge treatment to patients all over the country.

Your Arm Lift in London

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Your “brachioplasty” or arm lift in London is a procedure designed to remove excess skin and fat tissue from the upper arms to smoothe and tighten their overall appearance. Sagginess in the upper arm can be hereditary or the result of age or drastic weight loss. After you’re put under anaesthesia, your surgeon will make incisions either in the armpit or back of the arm.

The size and position of your incisions will depend on how much excess tissue there is to remove – this is something your doctor will discuss with you during your initial consultation.

A “mini” arm lift is suited for those with only small amounts of excess fat and skin and entails a small crescent-shaped incision in the armpit.

For moderate amounts of excess tissue, incisions are made that run the length of the inner arm from the armpit to elbow. For larger amounts of tissue, the surgeon may extend this incision even further into the side of the chest, possibly using liposuction as well.

Naturally, the latter results in the most scarring, although your surgeon will be careful to position the incisions where they’re least likely to be visible.

After the incisions are closed you’ll spend a maximum of one night on-site before recovering at home.

London Arm Lift with Medbelle: FAQs

Do you have questions about your arm lift procedure? Your Medbelle surgeon will be happy to answer these for you, but we’ve also addressed some common patient concerns below.

What happens if I gain or lose weight after my arm lift?
Do I need to get a GP referral before my arm lift?
What is a drain, and will I need one for my arm lift?

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