Ear Pinning in Manchester

Ear Pinning in Manchester


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0 to 1 Night


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Recovery time

3 to 6 Months

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Ear Pinning Treatment Guide

Learn everything about ear pinning surgery in our extensive treatment guide; including the benefits of surgery, surgical techniques, risks and complications, and information on aftercare and recovery. Trust Medbelle to provide medically backed information reviewed by world-class surgeons.


Ear pinning locations in Manchester

We currently offer ear pinning surgery at one hospital in the Manchester region, a state-of-the-art clinic, just 40 minutes drive from Manchester city centre.

Medbelle Cosmetics | Warrington operates out of Pall Mall Medical & Cosmetics in Newton-le-Willows. The clinic exemplifies our commitment to care and excellence. It is a first-class clinic with facilities unrivalled in the region and staffed with world-class consultants. It has been the area’s top private hospital for more than four decades on account of its exceptional cleanliness and care and great results.

Your ear pinning procedure in Manchester will take place at Medbelle Cosmetics | Warrington where you will find a comfortable location with industry-leading surgeons and highly-trained staff by your side. It offers luxurious private suits, an onsite gym, wheelchair access across all three floors and free parking.

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Ear pinning surgery is a can increase your confidence and the appearance of your ears, our Manchester specialists are here to help you start your journey