Labiaplasty in Liverpool


Procedure time

1 to 2 Hours


Overnight stay

0 to 1 Nights



Local with Sedation or General


Recovery time

6 Months

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While there is no “normal”, there are many reasons you may feel unhappy with the shape or overall appearance of your labia. This could be following childbirth, excessive weight loss or even genetics. If you feel discomfort emotionally or physically because you feel your labia are painful during activities like sex or exercising, enlarged, stretched, asymmetrical, or have dark patches, then a labiaplasty may help you restore your comfort and confidence.

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If you are based in Liverpool and are looking to have labiaplasty, then you’re in the right place. Here at Medbelle, we know that your main priority is to find a surgical team that will listen to your needs and concerns so that you get the results you want. Plus, we also know you want quality, care and excellence throughout your entire treatment and aftercare process. Our hospitals feature state-of-the-art technology, and our treatments are delivered in luxurious surroundings that are worlds away from the typical healthcare experience you may be used to.

So, if you are considering any form of cosmetic surgery in Liverpool, Medbelle will be pleased to welcome you to our clinic.

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Nuffield Chester, The Grosvenor Hospital has recently undergone a major refurbishment, including the addition of two brand new operating theatres, and a new day case suite. The hospital has 22 en-suite rooms and provides a number of medical and cosmetic procedures to its patients.

Your Labiaplasty in Liverpool

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You may have noticed your labia has significantly changed following childbirth or excessive weight loss. Or, you may have never been happy with the look of your labia or how it can be painful during exercise, sex, or even when wearing close-fitting clothes like leggings or skinny jeans. If you suffer any pain or discomfort with exercise or sexual intercourse, or if the appearance of your labia is the cause of self-esteem issues, then a labiaplasty may be able to help.

A labiaplasty is an operation which surgically reduces the size of the labia minora and majora. It can also reduce asymmetry or remove any dark pigmented areas.

The operation can be performed in one of two ways. An edge resection (known as a trim procedure) will neatly cut away excess skin on the labia minora in an oval shape.

Alternatively, your surgeon can make a wedged shaped incision into either side of the labia. The skin will then be pulled together and stitched for it to heal. This will maintain the natural border of your labia minora.

The operation is normally performed as a day procedure under local with sedation or general anaesthetic. Patients can usually go home on the same day. There are some aftercare steps which follow a labiaplasty, and it might take up to 6 months to fully see the results.

Liverpool Labiaplasty: Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering undergoing a labiaplasty procedure, it is likely you have some questions about what to expect. Here we will answer some of your top questions.

  • How long will it take for me to recover following a labiaplasty?


    Labiaplasties are normally performed as day procedures. That being said, due to the intimate location of your surgery, it can take some time before you are able to fully take part in your usual activities.
    You will need to take at least 2 days off work and should avoid strenuous activity for the first few weeks. It can take up to 6 months to fully recover from a labiaplasty.

  • How long do I need to wait to have sex after labiaplasty surgery?


    Following a labiaplasty your newly shaped labia needs time to heal. So, you should refrain from sexual activity for at least 4 weeks. You will also need to avoid tampons during this time.
    You will also need to wear sanitary towels due to the bleeding which occurs following a labiaplasty. It is also advised that patients wear loose underwear to avoid friction or rubbing the area.

  • Can labiaplasty give me normal looking labia?


    It's important for you to know there is no “normal” for labia. Every variation is as natural and normal as the next.

    However, we understand as a cosmetic surgery provider that you may be unhappy with the current size or overall appearance of your labia, especially if it causes you pain and discomfort.
    If you would like to reduce the size of your labia, then a labiaplasty will enable you to do this. We will work with you to get the results you are looking for.

  • Can I have labiaplasty on the NHS?


    It is possible to get a labiaplasty on the NHS if you are experiencing extreme discomfort or pain due to the size of your labia. However, it is not available purely for cosmetic reasons.

    Therefore, if you are considering a labiaplasty and would like to avoid long waiting times or approval from your GP, you may wish to have the operation done privately with us here at Medbelle.


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