Male Breast Reduction in London

Male Breast Reduction in London

    Overnight stay

    0 to 1 Nights


    Local with Sedation or General

    Recovery time

    6 to 12 Months

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    Excess breast tissue may make you feel uncomfortable and even embarrassed. This may keep you from activities like swimming or even from wearing certain types of shirts. Thankfully, you don’t have to live with this discomfort. There are procedures available to flatten, tone, and define your chest and give it a firmer appearance. Male breast reduction, also called gynecomastia surgery removes any excess tissue to give you a chest you can feel proud to show off. It’s important to find a professional who is qualified to perform this surgery properly, and Medbelle’s surgeons in London are the very best in this field.

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    Choose Medbelle to Treat Your Gynecomastia in London

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    Medbelle Surgeons

    When searching for a surgeon for male breast reduction surgery in London, it’s important to take your time to find experts who are properly trained and experienced in this kind of surgery. Medbelle surgeons are not only experts in their various niches, but they’re devoted to providing friendly, understanding treatment in world-class facilities all around the UK. It’s this commitment to excellence that makes them leaders in their field. Since Medbelle doctors are qualified to the highest standards and use only safe, proven, and leading-edge techniques, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands, whatever procedure you choose.

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    Our Male Breast Reduction surgeons in London

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    Medbelle Locations in London

    Getting your gynecomastia or male breast reduction in London is a smart move. With several central Medbelle locations to choose from, you’re guaranteed a first-rate experience from your initial consultation right through to your recovery period. London attracts the most prominent and experienced surgeons when it comes to this kind of surgery, so opting for one of these locations means you’ll enjoy quality facilities, on-site services, and supportive staff. Recovering in any one of our excellent clinics will ensure outstanding results.

    Featured Medbelle Locations in London

    Weymouth Street Hospital is so much more than first meets the eye. Boasting some of London’s world-renowned surgeons and facilities on par with a 5-star resort, Weymouth Street Hospital is all about providing the highest possible standards of care.

    Cosmesurge is one of London’s most exclusive private aesthetic clinics, specialising in both cosmetic and non-surgical treatments. Their expert consultants and healthcare staff have made it their priority to ensure your absolute comfort and discretion.

    One Hatfield Hospital is an impressive, contemporary clinic equipped with all the most up-to-date technologies and on-site services. A wide range of private treatments is available, but 100% excellence in patient experience is the primary goal of the staff and consultants.

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    Your Male Breast Reduction in London

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    Gynecomastia is a relatively common but poorly understood condition affecting people of all ages, and results in excess breast tissue developing. This may give the body a more feminine look and cause emotional distress, and negatively impact self-confidence. Male breast reduction surgery effectively removes this excess skin and tissue from the chest area to restore a firmer and flatter appearance which likely improves confidence at the same time.

    If you have found that the excess tissue remains despite weight loss, gynecomastia surgery in London may be the right choice. Once under anaesthesia, (either general or local with sedation), your surgeon makes incisions on the chest. The shape and size of these cuts depend on the amount of excess tissue.

    Your surgeon may use liposuction via small incisions at the bottom of the chest and in the armpit if there is only a small amount of excess tissue. Alternatively, a circular incision around the nipple may be made for the removal of more moderate amounts of fat and skin.

    If you have larger amounts of excess tissue, an anchor-shaped cut may be necessary, circling the nipple and travelling vertically downward.

    Depending on the size of these incisions and the amount of tissue removed, you’ll experience bruising and swelling of the area, but this should subside with proper aftercare in the weeks following surgery.

    The final aesthetic results of your male breast reduction in London will be visible at or around 6 weeks after surgery as bruising and incisions heal.

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    Male Breast Reduction in London: Frequently Asked Questions

    It’s natural to have questions before committing to male breast reduction surgery in London. We always encourage you to research the details of your procedure thoroughly.before booking any surgery. This is why we’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions to help you make an informed decision.

    Will my results from male breast reduction be permanent?
    Will male breast reduction surgery leave a noticeable scar?
    Can I smoke before or after my male breast reduction surgery?
    Can I get my male breast reduction in London on the NHS?

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